Maisie Williams Has Perfect Response To Game Of Thrones Finale Fan Reaction

After a controversial series finale aired on Sunday night, the stars of Game of Thrones were bracing themselves for intense reactions across social media. The results have been divisive, some fans loved the episode and final season. Other fans hated the conclusion of the sprawling HBO saga and are letting everyone know online. As a result, Arya Stark actress Maisie Williams took to social media with the perfect reaction.

Spoilers for the Game of Thrones series finale follow. Major spoilers!

Williams was fortunate to play one of the characters in Game of Thrones whose story has not been heavily criticized following the series finale. Arya Stark offered up one of the more satisfying arcs and has fans calling for a spinoff series which will follow her west of Westeros. Still, the actress and her co-stars are being subjected to opinions left and right, prompting Williams to make a joke of the Internet's responses.

"Just here for the memes," Williams wrote in a tweet following the series finale on Sunday night. Check out the tweet from Williams below.

The fun just begins with the call for memes. The responses are where the true entertainment can be found.

Thousands of fans responded to Williams with the memes she was searching for. For example, some fans were happy to see Tormund and Jon Snow reunite and head north of Winterfell.

Others are finding humor in a heartbreaking moment.

After Daenerys Targaryen was killed by Jon Snow, Drogon let his fire destroy the Iron Throne which had destroyed so many lives before his mothers. The meme below showcases the dragon logic.

Once unable to read, Ser Davos was correcting Bronn's grammar in the final moments of the Game of Thrones series finale.

It made for a great character arc, if you ask the fan below.

Then, of course, there is the feud between Grey Worm and Jon Snow which was left unresolved as the two were forced to head in separate directions.


The meme below makes light of what some fans would have liked to see, rather than Jon being forced to live away from his remaining family members.

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