'Game of Thrones' Producers Are "Absolutely Paranoid" of Spoilers, According to Star

Game of Thrones is one of the most successful and popular series of the decade, understandably [...]

Game of Thrones is one of the most successful and popular series of the decade, understandably resulting in its final season being one of the most anticipated events of 2019. The show's producers want to keep the final episodes' narrative a secret from fans for as long as possible, with star Iain Glen noting just how nervous they are that details will become public without their consent.

"They're absolutely paranoid now about anyone finding out anything about the series and spoiling it," Glen shared with the BBC [H/T Variety]. "We weren't allowed a written word on a page. Everything was accessed through iPads with different security you had to get through to access it, which caused a problem for the actors, I have to say. But we found a way, either on phones or with pads…for it to be available on set."

Glen plays Ser Jorah Mormont on the series, one of the closest confidants of Daenerys Targaryen in her quest for the throne. The two have had their fair share of disagreements, but those differences were seemingly put aside during the events of the previous season.

The final season of the series kicks off in April of 2019 and will only consist of six episodes. The actor pointed out that, when the cast was given their electronic scripts, they read through all the episodes in one day.

"This season was the first season ever that we sat and read the entire arc of the story from beginning to end right through over the course of a day," Glen recalled. "Honestly, these six episodes are absolutely phenomenal. The writers really, really came up trumps….The way they pulled it all together was a real writing task."

Throughout the entire series, audiences have seen countless characters killed off, ranging from main characters to background players. Glen recalled that, regardless of the fates of any of the characters, the day spent reading the script also meant one more step towards the series concluding.

"There were a lot of tears that day…and it's been a season of that because it's been a season of farewells and finishes," Glen confessed. "Kit [Harington], if he wasn't lying, had not read it, so he was reading it on that day for the first time."

Stay tuned for details on Game of Thrones' final season ahead of its premiere in April of 2019.

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