Gwyneth Paltrow, Will Arnett, Emily Blunt, and More Read Mom Texts to Celebrate Mother's Day

Many families are quarantining all over the country due to the coronavirus pandemic, but [...]

Many families are quarantining all over the country due to the coronavirus pandemic, but thankfully there are several ways to stay in touch even if you don't live in the same house. That includes texting of course, and to celebrate a very different Mother's Day, Jimmy Kimmel had some celebrities share their favorite mom texts that they've received during the quarantine. Gwyneth Paltrow, Lakeith Stanfield, Emily Blunt, Will Arnett, Aidy Bryant, Elle Fanning, January Jones, Ben Schwartz, Don Lemon, Renee Zellweger, and Aidy Bryant all share their favorite texts, which range from funny questions or observations to extreme warnings about jumping into water and reactions to live TV, and you can check out some of our favorite texts below or in the full video above.

First up was Gwyneth Paltrow, whose mom wanted to use her pool but then decided not to, though she had this whole thought analysis through several texts.

"My mother and I are neighbors in Long Island, so sometimes I will get a text like this...'Can I come swim? My pool is 72 brrr. Don't have to eat. I have plenty. Actually, going for a walk. Maybe tomorrow. No, fine. I changed my mind. Didn't want to get wet.'

Will Arnett shared his mom's very proper way of describing the pause button. "So I texted my mom recently. 'What's up you with guys? We are watching 'The Crown' What's up with you?? We can utilize the 'pause' button! '"

Emily Blunt's mother told her about a harrowing experience she had while vacuuming. "Dearest boop. Interesting day here. Was wielding a handheld small vacuum on the stairs yesterday. Missed my footing, fell backwards, vacuum whirred up and crashed onto my arm, and then onto the whole floor. I executed some sort of swivel halfway down the stairs and nearly followed it nose first but managed to clutch the banisters. Thought my arm was broken but just badly bruised. Phew. I finished the day with a lovely Thai meal with Seb."

For Elle Fanning, her mother was in full protector mode.

"Just a reminder, don't ever ever ever dive into a swimming pool period or into an ocean or lake ever ever. No matter what!!! You cannot rely on someone saying it's safe or thinking that it's deep enough. Oceans have sand bars that look deep, but really are up to your ankle. Just go in at steps or scoot in on your bottom gently. Even jumping feet first is dangerous too, unless you ball up tightly. You can jam your legs and do the same damage if you don't ball up when you're jumping. Avoid Both. You're TALL and you can NOT risk it all! Never! No matter what. Love you."

You can find all of the great responses in the full video above.