Harley Quinn Might Give Kite Man a Surprising Girlfriend in Season 3

Harley Quinn’s showrunner says that the show might give Kite Man a surprising girlfriend in [...]

Harley Quinn's showrunner says that the show might give Kite Man a surprising girlfriend in Season 3 of the HBO Max series. Fans still haven't stopped celebrating the renewal of the former DC Universe staple. Patrick Schumacher talked to Comicbook.com about what people could expect for Season 3, and that means Kite Man might be getting a new boo. For a lot of fans, they were conflicted by the end of the lovable dope last season and would like to see him get a happier ending. Ivy and Harley got theirs, isn't there any love for Kite Man? Well, according to Schumacher, the viewers might need to be on the lookout for a new love interest for our favorite low

"Well, take it all with a grain of salt because the writers room hasn't gotten together and things are subject to change. I will say one thing that we talked about was Kite Man, despite obviously not being in sort of a third wheel anymore, or whatever you want to call him, he poses no threat to Ivy and Harley," Schumacher said. "But we don't want to just completely wipe him off the board."

"That said, we want to give him kind of a win and you know... "Who's he maybe dating now? Does he have like a rebound girlfriend? Is his rebound girlfriend someone who also has similar powers to him?" If you won't even call his powers," he added. "And is somebody like Golden Glider that person that Kite Man ends up with, we definitely want to see him happy and in a relationship at some point in season three. So we've been talking about that."

In a previous interview with Geeks WorldWide, Justin Halpern discussed why Ivy and Harley didn't get together until now. "We have caught a lot of heat for not having them together right away, and I get it, but our thinking was we didn't want Harley to jump right back into another relationship when she was on a journey for self-discovery. That felt like selling out her character," he explained. "And for Ivy, we felt like it was important for our version of the character, who has a bit of social anxiety and neuroses and scars from her life (we get into that more in upcoming eps), to operate from that place at first. When you are emotionally hurt and haven't dealt with your issues, you don't always pick the best partner for you. In fact, most of the time you pick the wrong one. So we felt like both of these characters needed to go through some things emotionally, and grow as people before they would be in a place where they could really and truly experience a loving relationship and make it work."

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