Hawkeye: Jeremy Renner Seemingly Begins Work on Disney+ Series

Work on Hawkeye seems to be underway in Atlanta, with series lead Jeremy Renner sharing a selfie [...]

Work on Hawkeye seems to be underway in Atlanta, with series lead Jeremy Renner sharing a selfie to his Instagram Story Monday afternoon. While a selfie itself might not be a clear indicator the Disney+ series has started to roll cameras, Renner's look within the picture is very reminiscent of his MCU character in an iconic comics run.

With a lacerated nose and bruises on both his forehead and cheek — combined with the fact he's also donning a bandage — Renner's look is a direct nod introduced in the beloved Hawkeye series from Matt Fraction and David Aja. See it for yourself below.

hawkeye matt fraction easter egg
(Photo: Instagram / Jeremy Renner)

Also introduced in the aforementioned run is Kate Bishop, the newest character to adopt the Hawkeye mantle in the Marvel Comics mythos. Though the character has been confirmed for the series, we've yet to get confirmation on who will play the beloved archer.

When we spoke with Hawkeye executive producer Trinh Tran last year, she revealed both characters will serve as leads in the series. She stopped short of confirming the fact Hailee Steinfeld will be stepping into the role of Bishop.

"Well, they're both Hawkeyes in a way, right?" she said at the time. "So you want to make sure... I'm always interested in introducing new characters. And now we have a fascinating young female who is very interested in this role. So you're going to see a balance of both."

The producer then reminded us the shows on Disney+ are getting the same treatment as Marvel Studios films.

"We're treating our shows as if we're making our features," Tran added. "I mean, the feel and the quality of those TV shows are going to be like the Marvel movies that you've seen. So that's always been [Marvel Studios president Kevin Feige]'s mindset of let's make sure that when people are going to be watching these episodes, it's going to feel like it's just one long movie except rather than two-and-a-half hours, it's going to be much longer. And the idea behind certain characters getting their shows is because we'll have a lot more time to be able to develop these characters rather than the shorter."

Hawkeye has yet to receive a release date.

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