Hot Topic Launches a 'Doctor Who' Collection in TARDIS Blue

Just yesterday we got our first peek at Jodie Whittaker’s new threads for her upcoming role as [...]

Just yesterday we got our first peek at Jodie Whittaker's new threads for her upcoming role as the Thirteenth Doctor. We're guessing that it will inspire quite a bit of cosplay and styles in future fashion collections. Her look is too new for inclusion in the latest Doctor Who collection from Hot Topic and Her Universe, but you're definitely going to look adorable in classic TARDIS blue.

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(Photo: Hot Topic)

The lineup includes a trench coat (because every Doctor needs a good coat), a Union Jack cropped cardigan and a plaid skirt. You can order items in Her Universe x Hot Topic Doctor Who collection right here, and everything is 20-percent off for a limited time. Plus sizes are currently available for the trench coat and the skirt - we assume that a plus size cardigan will be added sometime in the near future.

As we've noted in the past, subtle fandom fashions are very in right now. This Doctor Who collection is a perfect example of the trend. The trench coat looks stylish but unassuming from the outside, but the interior is lined with a satin blue, red and cream plaid that features a "Police Public Call Box" text design scattered throughout. There's also a discreet embroidered TARDIS-shaped Union Jack at the hem. The TARDIS Union Jack also makes an appearance on the cardigan, and you'll find the Police Public Call Box text printed throughout the skirt if you look closely.

Whovians with an eye for style should jump on these quickly as sizes are likely to sell out - especially with the 20-percent off deal.