Invincible Cast Describe Character Adaptations (Exclusive)

Invincible is bringing Robert Kirkman's popular comics series to life in animated form on Amazon, [...]

Invincible is bringing Robert Kirkman's popular comics series to life in animated form on Amazon, with a tremendous voice cast delivering every bit of attitude packed into the comics and more. The series follows its source material quite delightfully but, as fans of Kirkman's previously adapted work in The Walking Dead know, there are always going to be a few changes and alterations for the sake of surprise or to improve the story how he and the team see fit. For Zazie Beetz, Jason Mantzoukas, and Gillian Jacobs, joining a super hero world with a superstar cast sounds like it was quite a fun time.

Jacobs plays Atom Eve and Mantzoukas plays Rex Splode, characters known from the comics as super heroes on the Teen Team. Beetz checks in as Amber Bennett, the muggle of the bunch who doesn't have any special powers but does find herself having an integral role in some super hero lives.'s full interview with Jacobs, Mantzoukas, and Beetz can be seen in the video above!

"Atom Eve is a high school student who also has incredible superpowers and is part of the Teen Team, which is a group of teenagers who have superpowers," Jacobs explains, offering up some info which comic fans might find familiar. "She is someone who is over the course of the season gonna sort of be questioning what does she wanna do with her life? How does she want to use these powers? Should she continue down the path that she's on? She has a boyfriend named Rex who some people think is a terrible boyfriend."

This is where Mantzoukas chimes in, joking at first in defense of his character, but ultimately agreeing that Rex is indeed a terrible boyfriend. "I agree you know Rex is also on the Teen Team with Atom Eve and in the world of Invincible there is like an Avengers analog called the Guardians of the Globe, and then there's a Young Avengers analog, which is the Teen Team so it is like all the young superpower and teenagers and Rex is the douchey a--hole, he's a loud mouth. He's a f-cking d-ck. He's rude. He has powers are he kind of charges items that can he can then throw and explode I'm gonna say it's like a Gambit type power set, but not quite. I think for him, again, like so much of this show is interpersonal relationships. So yes, these are his powers. But really, I think a lot of it is we live inside of what a broken relationship he and Atom Eve have in these first episodes."

Amber Bennett, meanwhile, is just trying to live her teenage life when she gets caught up in dating a super hero, as all good high school stories go. "Amber is not a member of the Teen Team," Beetz explains. "In fact, she doesn't have any powers at all. She ends up dating Mark Grayson, who is Invincible and I think she has a really strong sense of self and who she is and what's important to her and in a way that I think Mark is trying to figure out still. I think she is sort of this interesting, very grounded character in a way but the one that doesn't have sort of these like supernatural abilities. I know she's a little different from in the comics, I think she's sort of stronger and has a you know, is just more confident, I think."

Dating a super hero is not all it's chalked up to be but, then again, when do any of the significant others of people who regularly save the world end up doing well in any of these sorts of stories, right? "He always has to leave in the middle of day it's to go save people but really he needs to communicate this and I think that's it's on Mark his lack of communication skills over there," Beetz says.

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Invincible drops its first three episodes on Amazon on Friday.