Warrior Producer Confirms Series Coming to HBO Max

Warrior is about to be introduced to a whole new audience. One of the last shows to be produced as [...]

Warrior is about to be introduced to a whole new audience. One of the last shows to be produced as a Cinemax Original, Warrior Seasons One and Two will be added to WarnerMedia's newest streaming offering at some point in the near future. Warrior producer Shannon Lee tells us fans can expect the seasons to be added to HBO Max at some point after the show's second season wraps; Season Two is set to premiere on Cinemax the first weekend in October.

Catching up ahead of the season two debut, Lee says the show has yet to be picked up for a third season due to Cinemax pivoting away from all original content. The producer — daughter of the late Bruce Lee — tells us she hopes the addition to HBO Max will help give the show a breath of fresh life.

"I would love for this show to go on. It was really saddening and disheartening when that decision came down, about the Cinemax originals and not just for us, but for all of the originals that Cinemax does and those shows and those creators," Lee tells ComicBook.com.

She adds, "I do think, in my opinion, our show is extremely important, in terms of representation. I would say in the one hour TV space, we are exceedingly unique. And in fact, I don't know if you have heard but after Season Two airs on Cinemax, HBO is going to make the show available on the HBO platforms, which will hopefully garner it a larger audience, which will be great."

Lee says the story of Ah Sahm (Andrew Koji) — a character created by her father some 50 years ago — is far from over and she hopes new support from HBO Max users will allow the period piece to live on, perhaps as an HBO Max Original.

"Season Two ends and you can see that it's not a finished, wrapped up piece, right? So there was a lot more that we wanted to do and it was unfortunate that we were caught up in the timing of all of this," Lee concludes. "And I do hope that if people start to understand the importance of the show and more and more people get to see the show, that a demand for the show to continue will come about and at some point we'll be able to do that."

Warrior Season Two debuts on Cinemax October 2nd.

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