Jennifer Garner Just Finished The Office and Her Reaction Is the Best Thing Ever

As it turns out, Jennifer Garner is just like the rest of us during quarantine. In a heartfelt post on Monday, the Elektra alumna revealed she and her kids decided to binge-watch The Office while stuck indoors due to the ongoing pandemic. Upon conclusion of watching the final episode, Garner then posted a video to her Instagram account as she sobbed, explaining her love for the series.

"You'll never guess which show my kids and I watched an episode a day of through quarantine and guess what?" Garner said on the post. We finished it, and guess what? It gave me some really big feelings."

She added, "Look who needed a big cry and maybe a shower would have been helpful, but it's just nice to know you can still just feel so passionate about something, right? So thank you. If you've ever heard of the show, The Office, you should try it. It's wonderful."

It was but a matter of time before stars of the workplace started commenting on the video, giving their thanks to the actor. Angela Kinsey — who plays accountant Angela Martin — commented, "I love this. I love you and your family and just so you know the finale makes me bawl my eyes out too!"

Pam Beesly herself Jenna Fischer added, "This is the sweetest and most wonderful post!! Sending you lots of love and if you want to start over @angelakinsey and I are re-watching for the podcast. We are in the middle of Season 3 and have major feelings about lots of moments."

Mindy Kaling even added a heart emoji.

The best part of it all? Garner signed her video off with the most iconic line of the entire show: Bears. Beets. Battlestar Galactica.


All nine seasons of The Office are currently streaming on Netflix.

Cover photo by Emma McIntyre/Getty Images for Turner