Jerry Seinfeld Says Comedians In Cars Getting Coffee May Be Done

Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee may have taken its last ride. Series creator and host Jerry Seinfeld explained during a virtual press conference promoting his Netflix special 23 Hours to Kill on Tuesday that he "may have that exploration at this point" and noted that he doesn't have anything further planned for the show which has run for 11 seasons and 84 episodes. Season 11 debuted on Netflix last July. Seinfeld said he may have also filmed his last live stand-up special as well, though he is looking forward to simply performing live.

"We haven't planned anything with that show," Seinfeld said (via Deadline). "I feel like I did that tour... I know they look very casual and easy but they're actually a lot of work to make, the editing is very intense, and I don't know , I feel like I may have done that exploration at this point."

The show, which aired on the Crackle network for nine seasons before moving to Netflix in Season 10, featured Seinfeld driving a different vintage car each episode as he drives with a guest comedian to a restaurant for coffee with various diversions happening along the way. The show's 11th season featured appearances from Ricky Gervais, Seth Rogen, Eddie Murphy, Jamie Foxx and more.

Even with Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee potentially ending, Seinfeld explained that he's not done performing live. Once things return to something like normal after the pandemic, Seinfeld plans to return to performing live once again, even if its not something that will be filmed for the purposes of a special.

“It’s really about obsessing mostly on the art and the moment of creating something that is great but doesn’t necessarily tied to a deal or production, a network and all of those other things that you think about with showbusiness," Seinfeld said. "Now I feel like I just want to be out on a stage, I don’t really care where, I don’t care what size of venue, it’s just about enjoying that moment and it doesn’t have to be big or a conventional showbusiness venture.”

What do you think about Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee possibly coming to an end? Did you have a favorite comedian guest on the series? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.


Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee is streaming on Netflix.

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