Kevin Smith To Appear on Celebrity Family Feud

Celebrity Family Feud is making a comeback at some point in the very near future with filmmaker [...]

Celebrity Family Feud is making a comeback at some point in the very near future with filmmaker Kevin Smith revealed on his FatMan Beyond podcast that he recently competed in an episode of the show. The Clerks and Chasing Amy director revealed that his team on the series included his wife, Jennifer Schwalbach Smith; the Jay to his Silent Bob, Jason Mewes; his Hollywood Babble-On co-host, Ralph Garman; and his FatMan Beyond co-host, Marc Bernardin. Smith said: "(We) were a team called 'The Smod Squad' and we played.....I won't spoil it but we played somebody that I know and have worked with in the past, they were the other team and he put together a team of his own."

"After watching the show for years and years, we were actually there with Steve Harvey, and played Family Feud," Smith added. "We got to do sh-t like the opening of the show, when I was a kid was the family is frozen behind a wall and look like a photo and then they say their name and they come to life and go to the podium. They still do that sh-t! They call that the 'American Part.'" Bernardin added, "It was my first game show, of the things that you have called me and asked if I wanted to do, this is the weirdest of them....It was crazy weird and totally surreal. Even with all the COVID protocols and all that stuff it was still bonkers in the best way."

Buzzer Blog has a few more details about the return of Celebrity Family Feud, reporting that celebrities like Zach Braff and Donald Faison of Scrubs, the cast of Netflix's Bling Empire and Selling Sunset, and comedians Fran Drescher and Paul Reubens have been part of the recently recorded episodes.

Smith had one more thought about being part of the filming for Celebrity Family Feud, offering praise for host Steven Harvey.

"What I was really impressed by too was Steve Harvey," Smith said. "Between acts, they do break when we're shooting the show and set-up and do other things and talk about the next act. Every game show I've been on that's when they grab the host and go through 'we're doing this now, we're doing this.' And Steve instead worked the audience, and the audience was limited, but he walked right to the edge of the stage and gave a one man show for ten minutes. True comedian at heart where he's just like 'There's an audience? I'm gonna go make 'em laugh.' You could tell he likes to engage and storytell."

Check back here for more details on Celebrity Family Feud and Smith's episode as we learn more about it.