Steve Harvey Drops F-Bomb on Celebrity Family Feud

The latest episode of Celebrity Family Feud brought together the past and current stars of the National Football League for a friendly round of competition. It also brought host Steve Harvey one of the most surprising answers of the season. When met with such a ridiculous and unexpected answer (to a complicatedly worded question), Harvey couldn't help but drop an F-bomb in front of the players and the live audience. Of course, that slip of the tongue was edited when the show aired on ABC Sunday's night.

This edition of Family Feud pitted NFL Hall of Famers against a few rising stars of the league. When the Hall of Fame players went to Fast Money round at the end of the game, Michael Irvin went first and submitted his questions. Then it was Bruce Smith's turn, and that's where the hilarious answer took place, causing Harvey to lose it.

The first question in the speed round was, "If Captain Hook was moonlighting as a handyman, he might replace his hook with what tool?" Smith quickly answered by saying "a hammer," which was a great answer. Unfortunately it was also Irvin's response. When asked to try again, Smith replied with the last thing anyone expected to hear: "A penis."

Ah yes, the most common tool of every handyman. Harvey tried to move past it but couldn't quite help himself. He cut off his own sentence by saying, "What the f*** did he just say?!?" You can watch the entire situation unfold in the video above.

As the laughter started to die down, Harvey addressed the audience and apologized for swearing in front of everyone. "I swear I'm sorry, that just came out," he said. "I don't even know where that came from."


The jokes continued as the show wrapped up. Harvey eventually told Smith, "Your ass is going on YouTube, though. You're going to be the greatest clip ever played."

The NFL Hall of Fame players wound up winning a $25,000 donation to the Professional Athlete Foundation, which helps former football players and their families.