Kevin Smith Reveals Netflix Shared "Flabbergasting" Metrics After MOTU: Revelation

The most that Netflix ever shares with the press and the public about their viewership metrics is how many accounts watched a show within its first four weeks of release and how many minutes it was streamed in that same timeframe (note: they count watching more than two minutes of a title as a "view."). For the most part Netflix doesn't seem willing to pull the curtain back any further than that with their original content and what they track with the users on their platform, so we just had to wait for constant talker and Netflix employee Kevin Smith to learn about it and then tell us. Speaking during his latest FatMan Beyond Live podcast, Smith broke down conversations he had with the streamer after the first part of his Masters of the Universe: Revelation series dropped, calling the details "flabbergasting."

"I can't tell you anything for many reasons, I want to keep my jobs, but...part of the process when you make a thing for Netflix where they have a call with you at like the, maybe it's the 15 day mark or the 20 day mark, and the one month mark where they go through the metrics and the algorithm essentially, and tell you exactly how many people watched, how long they watched, which episodes they f-cking watched, give you a percentage of how many people are likely to come back. It was f-cking mind bending, mind bending, and again I can't share it because it's so proprietary and what not."

He continued, "But I had a very simple question about the movie world they make a movie for like $10 million and if it makes $10 million or more at the box office you're like 'all right, we got out money back.' I was like, 'Do you have that at Netflix?' They were like 'Yes, a version of that,' and based on that, they're very happy. Again, I don't wanna say shit because I'll get in trouble, but it was f0cking fascinating, all the information they could give you about the show. Nothing that I've ever done before could I have that much data that soon in the process, it was flabbergasting to say the least. So yeah, based on that I can't wait for the second half to drop man."

Luckily for Kevin and us, Masters of the Universe: Revelation Part 2 drops on Tuesday, November 23.