Masters of the Universe: Revelation Part 2 Announces Release Date

The word is out! After making its debut on Netflix earlier this year, Kevin Smith's take on Masters of the Universe is returning. Thanks to a new statement shared with, Netflix is bringing out the anime's second part on November 23. This means the whole family can binge the show ahead of the holidays, and some sweet merchandise will go live alongside the comeback!

For those eager to learn more about this anime's return, well - you are not alone. The first half of Masters of the Universe: Revelation ended with a bang. The show kicked off to our shock with He-Man and Skeletor dying, leaving their comrades to search for a way to revive the pair. When the mortal enemies are brought back to life, the power of Eternia is put into Skeletor's hand as Prince Adam and He-Man hit a roadblock. So clearly, this show's second half has a lot of action to cover. 

If you are not caught up with the He-Man revival on Netflix, you can catch the show's first half right now. When this new half goes live, fans can expect another five episodes to debut on Netflix. Mark Hamill will return as the voice of Skeletor while Prince Adam is performed by Chris Wood. Of course, Smith is still overseeing the project as showrunner, and his social media pages are lit up with excitement for Masters of the Universe: Revelation

Of course, this project isn't the only one taking a swing at Masters of the Universe. If you did not know, Netflix brought out a different He-Man animated series this year following Smith's project. The series, He-Man and the Masters of the Universe, has earned high praise from fans of the original cartoon. And of course, Sony has been developing its own He-Man live-action movie for some years now. Most recently, Noah Centineo was brought in to play He-Man, but the Netflix star exited the project back in April. 

Want to know more about Masters of the Universe: Revelation? You can check out its official synopsis here: "The war for Eternia continues in the second part of "Masters of the Universe: Revelation," an innovative and action-packed animated series that picks up where the iconic characters left off. With Skeletor now wielding the Sword of Power, the weary heroes of Eternia must band together to fight back against the forces of evil in a thrilling and epic conclusion to the two-part series."

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