Kung Fu: Olivia Liang Teases Reunion With Legacies Co-Star, New Challenges in Season 3

Kung Fu returns Wednesday night for its third season, and it's set to be a big one for Nicky Shen and her allies. While Nicky and her friends were able to stop Russell Tan, it didn't come without cost. An earthquake still caused harm to San Francisco that has lingering repercussions and beyond that, there were personal matters as well with Henry (Eddie Liu) leaving town on his own journey. But in addition to the new challenges, Season 3 will also see some new faces as well, including Bo, played by Legacies alum Ben Levin. Ahead of the Season premiere of Kung Fu, ComicBook.com spoke with Liang about that Legacies reunion — and it's one that Liang is excited for fans to see.

"I'm so excited for people to meet his character," Liang said. "I secretly texted when I found out that he might have some time in his schedule. I texted my showrunners and I was like, if you have plans for Nicky to kindle a new romance, I suggested Ben Levin. And I'm so glad that it happened. He killed it. He still had to audition. We did chemistry reads and he was clearly the guy for this so, yeah. I'm very excited for people to meet him and he just fits right in."

Outside of the arrival of Levin's Bo, Liang said that Season 3 will see everyone in the series have to rebuild in a sense, especially Nicky.

"I think the Season 2 finale was a symbol of stripping everyone back down to the basics. So, this season, we see everyone having to rebuild. And when we see Nicky, I think it's so poetic and beautiful, the parallel of her kind of being in the same head space of when we met her in the Season 1 premiere where she's a girl who's trying to, well now more mature, but trying to figure out what her path in life is supposed to be and what she's meant to do. But the difference is that with this season, she has a support system. She has her family. There are no more secrets. Everyone… there is harmony. And that's where we see Nicky and then of course we see the cracks behind the smile and things are not okay because Henry's not there. It's fun to watch her rebuild her life."

You can check out the synopsis for the Season 3 premiere, "Shifu", below.

A CRIME WAVE IN CHINATOWN AND A MYSTERIOUS VIGILANTE — As the Shen's prepare for Harmony Dumplings' grand reopening, they learn that they have become the latest victims of a crime wave that has hit their Chinatown community.  As Nicky (Olivia Liang) and the team prepare to take matters into their own hands, a run-in with a vigilante named Bo (guest star Ben Levin) leaves Nicky wondering who this mysterious stranger in her city is.  Elsewhere, following the legal fallout from her app, Althea (Shannon Dang) and Dennis (Tony Chung) move back in with Mei-Li (Kheng Hua Tan) and Jin (Tzi Ma), and Ryan (Jon Prasida) and Sebastian (JB Tadena) adjust to living together, while juggling their busy schedules.  Finally, the unexpected arrival of someone from Nicky's past rocks her to her core.  Eddie Liu, Gavin Stenhouse and Vanessa Kai also star.  David Grossman directed the episode written by Christina M. Kim & Robert Berens.

Kung Fu airs Wednesdays at 9/8c on The CW.