Law & Order: Organized Crime Season Finale - Big Family Reveals and Stabler's Heartbreaking Reunion Explained

We break down all the big reveals from the season 4 finale of Law & Order: Organized Crime

Law & Order: Organized Crime delivered a thrilling season finale this week, full of threads that will be big points of interest for season 5 and beyond. It also brought some elements full circle, and that is especially true for Elliot Stabler. Not only did we get multiple major revelations regarding his family, but we also saw Elliot at his most vulnerable, something that came into full view in the finale's closing minutes. It's not a side we get to see often, but when it happens, it's always impactful, and even after her passing, no one has the ability to bring that out of Elliot like his wife, Kathy Stabler.

The episode starts out with Elliot speaking to someone offscreen, telling them how difficult it's been for him to hang on as the world seems to swirl around him. He grasps at the things and people he loves most but laments that he is watching everything he loves fly away. We learn that he's speaking to Kathy's gravestone in the cemetery, and it makes his words hit all the harder (H/T NBC Insider).

"I sometimes feel I don't know where I am, as if the world and everything in it has become unrecognizable," Stabler says. "Kids. Grandkids. My brothers. Ma. Unrecognizable. It's like I'm in a world that's changed and I'm trying, but..." Later Stabler continues, saying, "I know how to do my job and all the things that come with that. It's all the other stuff, the stuff that makes up life, I'm just lost. Feels like the world is spinning so fast and I'm barely hanging on as I watch everything I once had and loved, still love, fly away."

Then Stabler takes a second and his expression shifts to a slight smile, telling Kathy, "You're not going to believe this. Guess who's having a baby?" Elliot is referring to his son Eli, who revealed to the family during a family dinner that Becky was pregnant. Elliot didn't get there until after the announcement had been made, and the other revelation of Eli entering the police force took over the rest of the dinner, so Eli never had the chance to tell his dad.

The next morning Elliot returned home and Eli was getting Becky some tea. Elliot then asked Eli how far along she was, and Eli was shocked that he had figured out. Eli asked how and Elliot said, "Ginger tea: a dead giveaway. That's what I used to pour mom when she was in that state."

So not only is Eli going to become a Police Officer, but he's about to have a baby. Those are good things, but it wasn't all great news, as Joe Jr. ended up boarding the plane with Emery after the shootout that left several injured or dead, and now Elliot and the Organized Crime team have no idea where he is. That is going to be a huge part of next season, which has been officially renewed and will be exclusively premiering on Peacock.

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