Law & Order: Shaw and Riley Meet the New DA in Inconvenient Truth First Look Clip (Exclusive)

Watch an exclusive clip from tonight's all-new episode of Law & Order right here!

A new Law & Order Thursday has arrived, and it will kick off with a brand new episode of the flagship Law & Order. While fans will have to wait a bit longer to watch the full episode, we've got an exclusive clip to get you ready for it right here! The new episode is titled Inconvenient Truth and centers around the death of a man who was recently exonerated. As Detective Shaw (Mehcad Brooks) and Detective Riley (Reid Scott) investigate the case, fans also learn more about new District Attorney Nicholas Baxter (Tony Goldwyn) and his history of trying to exonerate those who have been falsely imprisoned. You can watch the new clip in the video below.

The clip begins with Shaw and Riley getting more details on how the victim (Jordan Bryan) was exonerated, and Kim reveals that after they tested the DNA on the previous victim's body, it wasn't his. Shaw asks how Bryan was imprisoned in the first place then, and it was a bad ID, which he is told is more common than he thinks. Kim also says there was a lot of pressure at the time due to the victim being a young white woman.

That's when Baxter walks in and meets Shaw and Riley. Baxter tells them that whatever they need they've got, and asks if they have any leads. Baxter then reveals that he worked a few wrongful conviction cases pro-bono when he was in private practice. He called those the most exhilarating cases he's ever tried, but then also revealed that he didn't win either of those cases, and those are the only trials he's ever lost. You can find the longline for Inconvenient Truth below.

Inconvenient Truth: "Shaw and Riley investigate the death of a prominent chef when he's stabbed in his own restaurant. Price has hesitations about prosecuting the defendant after new evidence comes to light."

Goldwyn recently stepped in as the new District Attorney after the departure of Sam Waterston's Jack McCoy. Waterston had appeared in more than 400 episodes as the fan-favorite character, and he said his farewells to the cast and crew during the filming of his final episode.

"Dear Friends, no one, not in my situation, can appreciate the sadness of this parting. To this place and the kindness of these people, I owe everything. Here I have lived for a quarter of a century and gone from a young to an old man. If 25 or 30 years doesn't matter then nothing matters at all, and that's what this has been," Waterston said.

"This is just amazing, and I have had a privilege that practically nobody in show business has, to be involved over that long period of time with different people but the same community and being privileged to be a member, a member of the same team all this time," Waterston said. "Thank you from the bottom of my heart. God bless you."

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