Law & Order: SVU Reveals How Kelli Giddish's Amanda Rollins Exits the Series

After a rollercoaster ride of emotions, tonight's fall finale of Law & Order: SVU finally revealed how Kelli Giddish's Amanda Rollins exits from SVU, and it was as emotional as you expected it to be. During the previous episode, Sonny Carisi told Rollins about a job opportunity at Fordham University, where she would utilize her experience in a teaching position. Tonight Rollins revealed that she was taking the position, and therefore leaving SVU, but she hadn't told Olivia yet. That would happen towards the end of the episode, leading to one of the most emotional and genuine moments of the series.

After Rollins joins Benson at a motel where cameras are found recording people staying in the motel. They close the case and celebrate with some boxed wine and a heartfelt conversation about Elliot Stabler and her relationship with Benson. That's when Rollins tells Liv that she is leaving, and it doesn't go so well. Rollins tells her all she's done for her and says she needs Liv to be okay with this, and Liv says she needs to process it. Rollins then leaves.

Later Liv is back in the office and Rollins comes in. Liv apologizes for reacting that way and says Rollins was being open with her and she shut down, and Rollins responds with "you stole one of my moves." Liv says "I'm going to blame the boxed wine."

Rollins says "You're not losing me. We're friends. That's not going to change. I'm not going to disappear." Liv says "I wouldn't let you if you tried. Look, I know you have to do this." Rollins tells her she has to try, and Liv says if she ever wants to come back, but Rollins' face says it all. Liv says "well, that's settled. Now get the hell out of my office" with a smile. The two hug and shed some tears, and Liv tells Rollins "don't postpone joy. I love you Amanda." Rollins says "I love you Liv", and Rollins takes a minute before walking out of her office.

That's when she greets the rest of the team, who all applaud her and take a minute to greet her. She shares a hug with Fin and then a few more people and leaves the SVU offices, and now Rollins has officially exited the show.

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