Legends of Tomorrow: Sara Gives Charlie a Pep Talk in Season 5 Deleted Scene

The fifth season of DC's Legends of Tomorrow saw the time-travelling heroes take on some challenges that were unique even for them. Not only did the team have to deal with souls returned from hell to wreak havoc on the world as well as a major revelation about one of their own. Charlie (Maisie Richardson-Sellers) was revealed to be one of the Fates -- and she just so happened to have broken the Loom of Fate to give mortals a chance to shape their own destinies. Unfortunately, "Crisis on Infinite Earths" put the broken pieces in position to be brought back together prompting a race of sorts between Charlie and her sisters with free will itself in the balance. Now, with DC's Legends of Tomorrow: The Complete Fifth Season heading to Blu-ray and DVD on Tuesday, September 22nd, fans will get to enjoy the wild adventure all over again completely with special features and deleted scenes -- including one from "Zari, Not Zari" which you can check out for yourself in the video above now!

"Zari, Not Zari" was the eighth episode of the season and saw the Legends dealing with Charlie's sister, Atropos. Atropos murdered Charlie's old band and when Sara (Caity Lotz), Charlie, and Constantine (Matt Ryan) discover a second piece of the Loom on the set of Supernatural, Atropos attacks and takes both pieces. The deleted scene shows Charlie having a heart-to-heart with Sara about the destruction of the loom, with Charlie feeling a bit low because she feels the way she did it was somehow not worthy. Sara disagrees, telling Charlie it doesn't matter how she did it, the fact remains that Charlie did destroy the Loom and did it for the right reasons.

The scene is itself just a small taste of the larger journey that Charlie ended up going on in Season 5 and, in the end, she ended up choosing for herself the life that she wanted rather than something predetermined for her. At the end of Season 5, Charlie decided to go back to her life as a punk rocker, a move that also marked Richardson-Sellers' departure from the series -- though she didn't rule out a possible return someday.

"Is anyone ever done on Legends?" Richardson-Sellers said. "But I have left the show as a series regular, which was a really tough but positive decision that I made because I really want to pour more energy and time into Barefaced Productions and getting projects off the ground, and I just couldn’t do that with the [Legends] shooting schedule. I learned so much from Legends. It was such a family environment, and I love them all. And I’ve made it very clear that if they ever actually accidentally need Charlie or Amaya for a mission, I’d be more than down. So, I don’t think it’s fully goodbye yet. I hope. I’m not dead. And even dying means nothing on the show anyway."


In addition to the deleted "Zari, Not Zari" scene, DC's Legends of Tomorrow: The Complete Fifth Season also features additional deleted scenes, the DC's Legends of Tomorrow Season 5 Post Production Theater featurette and a gag reel. The Blu-ray includes all of those features as well as a limited-edition bonus disc featuring all five episodes of the "Crisis on Infinite Earths" crossover event as well as special features.

DC's Legends of Tomorrow: The Complete Fifth Season goes on Sale Tuesday, September 22nd.