Loki Actress Gugu Mbatha-Raw Admits She's Not a Marvel Nerd

Over twenty movies under its belt and a cultural juggernaut, it's not hyperbole to say that Marvel [...]

Over twenty movies under its belt and a cultural juggernaut, it's not hyperbole to say that Marvel Studios has likely invaded a big percentage of households around the world. Despite its ever present being, not everyone is as dialed into the MCU as the fans, and that includes people working for Marvel. Take actress Gugu Mbatha-Raw, no strange to fan-favorite series with credits like Doctor Who and The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance to her name, who will appear in the upcoming Loki TV series. Speaking in a new interview, the English actress confirmed she's not as into the MCU as others (but that's okay).

"I can't confess to being a major MCU nerd," Mbatha-Raw told Variety. "Obviously, it's a big part of our culture, so I had a huge awareness of it and it's funny because I actually went to drama school at the same time as Tom Hiddleston. Ten years ago when I first came out here to do a TV pilot, 'Under Covers,' he was shooting the first 'Thor' at the same time. I remember him telling me about this experience of this new movie that he was doing."

Despite the series being on hiatus due to the coronavirus, production had been ongoing long enough for some footage to appear in Disney+ teaser and for Mbatha-Raw to come away with a great impression of its director, Kate Herron.

"She's so fresh and interesting," the actress added. "I feel like even though you're dealing with this big universe, she still makes it feel very intimate. She just brings it back down to character and moments and emotions."

Production on Loki is rumored to resume filming in July. Series co-star Sophia Di Martino seemingly confirmed as much in a post on Instagram just yesterday that alluded to a restart in shooting on the Disney+ original series. Though obviously far from confirmation that production will resume in the coming weeks, but it seems likely that this is among the first steps by Marvel Studios to get things restarted once again.

Loki will see Tom Hiddleston return as the titular god of mischief in the Disney+ exclusive series with Di Martini playing either Lady Loki or Enchantress alongside him. We also now know that actor Owen Wilson is playing a TVA agent in the show with Academy Award nominee Richard E. Grant recruited for a part as well which some are theorizing could be none other than Marvel villain Kang the Conqueror.