Loki Episode 2 Is Currently 100% Fresh on Rotten Tomatoes

Loki delivered the best MCU series premiere yet, and from the looks of things, people are pretty [...]

Loki delivered the best MCU series premiere yet, and from the looks of things, people are pretty high on the second episode as well. As of this morning the episode holds a stellar 100% Rotten Tomatoes score based on 21 reviews, and if it can keep this up over the course of its entire 6 episode run, Loki could end up being the most beloved MCU series released so far. There are a few prevailing themes in the reviews so far, including the surprising amount of world-building and exposition episode 2 has after so much of it was done in episode 1. That doesn't seem to deter anyone's love for the episode though.

That's partly due to the other main positive, which is a big reveal that sets the stage for what's next in a big way. In WandaVision and Falcon and the Winter Soldier, this kind of reveal was saved for towards the end, which was disappointing because you didn't have much time to actually explore those twists and those characters before the series had to wrap everything up.

There are only 6 episodes of course, but still, getting a hook like that in early allows you to maximize it and explore it the next four episodes, and that can only be a good thing.

Caroline Siede of the AV Club said, "Loki locks into a much more interesting dynamic for its two leads. In some ways, Mobius' dedication to order is completely at odds with Loki's love of chaos. But in other ways, they balance each other out perfectly."

Lauren Morgan of EW said, "The second episode continues to be heavy on exposition, which is a little concerning since there are only six of them, but the surprise at the end of this one promises to kick the plot into high gear."

Alicia Gilstorf of Tell-Tale TV said, "Loki has been operating with one hand tied up in world-building and now that the world has been set aflame, it's time to see what this series is really capable of."

Murjani Rawls of Substream Magazine said, "If there's anything that this episode does, it's that it further develops the intrigue of who is pulling the strings and the roles the puppets play."

Kirsten Howard of Den of Geek said, "The fact that this reveal has come so early on in the series is pretty exciting - it probably means bigger surprises lie ahead."

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