Loki Trailer May Have Solved D.B. Cooper Mystery in the Marvel Cinematic Universe

In 1971, a man going by the name 'D.B. Cooper' jumped out of an airplane he had hijacked and was [...]

In 1971, a man going by the name "D.B. Cooper" jumped out of an airplane he had hijacked and was never heard from again, though the trailer for the upcoming Loki series coming to Disney+ might confirm that the God of Mischief is responsible for the event in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. While it might not be confirmed that this sequence in the latest trailer was referencing D.B. Cooper, fans couldn't help but notice how closely Loki resembled an artist's rendering of Cooper from 1971, with that being the only clue about who the hijacker looked like at the time of the incident.

The trailer for Loki shows the title character (Tom Hiddleston) being enlisted into the TVA (Time Variance Authority), an organization in Marvel comics that is tasked with keeping track of the realities within the multiverse. While the specifics of his duties are unclear, it would seem that his powers and abilities make him a strong candidate for employment at the TVA instead of him wasting away in a prison.

On November 24, 1971, a man purchased a one-way ticket from Portland, Oregon to Seattle, Washington using the name "Dan Cooper," with a miscommunication resulting in the more widely known moniker of D.B. Cooper. At the time, security restrictions weren't at all what they are today, making his alias easier to use, as well as his apparent smuggling of an explosive device onto the flight. While in the air, Cooper alerted a flight attendant to the fact that he had a bomb, resulting in her alerting the plane's pilots. Cooper demanded that, upon his arrival in Seattle, he be given four parachutes, $200,000, and that the plane be refueled for a flight to Mexico City.

loki trailer tom hiddleston db cooper
(Photo: Disney/HBO)

After authorities fulfilled his demands and with the plane's passengers released, the pilots took to the sky, headed for Mexico City. 30 minutes into the flight, Cooper reportedly jumped from the aircraft, which occurred as the aircraft was still above Washington.

In the 50 years since the event, no physical evidence has been recovered that can link anyone to being the real "Cooper," other than individuals taking credit for being Cooper.

Based on the trailer for Loki, however, it would appear that the reason no one ever caught Cooper was that it was Loki pulling off the highjacking, who was then transported out of the air to another location, explaining why no evidence of the event was ever recovered.

In Avengers: Endgame, audiences saw a number of ways that our heroes traveled to important points in the MCU and impacted the events of that franchise, with this new trailer for Loki potentially offering us a clever way to explain how super-powered individuals were responsible for a number of real-world mysteries.

The Loki TV series is expected to hit Disney+ in 2021.

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