Lucifer Season 4 Blooper Reel Released

While the first half of Lucifer's fifth season hit Netflix last month, the truth is fans can never [...]

While the first half of Lucifer's fifth season hit Netflix last month, the truth is fans can never get enough of the Devil Himself which is why for fans of the Netflix series, the show's panel during DC FanDome on Saturday was a real treat. Showrunners Ildy Modrovich and Joe Henderson revealed the hilarious Season 4 gag reel for Lucifer and now you can check it out for yourself in the video player above.

In the nearly five-minute video, the cast of the series do their best to carry on through a variety of hilarious situations and not just your standard "someone forgets their lines" of it all. One particularly humorous "blooper" that pops up a few times is a duck that's clearly looking for their time to shine in a scene while another sees Lucifer (Tom Ellis) thwarted by a doughnut box.

Lucifer is in its fifth season on Netflix with the first half -- eight episodes -- currently streaming on the service while the second half will arrive a bit later. Production on the fifth season of Lucifer was shut down earlier this year due to the COVID-19 pandemic, but production is gearing up to resume on September 24th so that the series can complete filming on the fifth season finale before heading into production on this show's sixth and final season beginning in October. Originally, Season 5 of Lucifer had been set to be its last, but according to the showrunners the Season 6 renewal didn't change much about Season 5.

"One of the big things that we said when we agreed to Season 6 is that we did not want to change Season 5 because we loved Season 5," Henderson said previously. When the back half gets released from Season 5, when Season 5B gets released, I think people will see how much the whole season fits together like, I think, a beautiful jigsaw puzzle. I love it. We didn't want to change the ending, but what we did is we just ended Season 5. We basically lopped off the act six that Ildy was in the middle of writing, and these stories that we sort of were speeding through anyways, we realized, in retrospect, we were sort of moving really fast on some things and summarizing moments that could actually be stories."

He went on to explain that Season 5 still ends up where it was going to, just that now those final moments are expanded into their own season.

"Season 5 is exactly what it was always going to be, except the very, very end of it is now its own season, plus all these new ideas that we came up with as we dug into it and explored it," he continued. "It was really important to us to make sure that Season 5 stayed its own story, and then challenge ourselves to find a new story where we didn't think there was any. Once we found it, like Ildy said, it's hard to imagine not telling it."

The first half of Lucifer Season 5, along with Seasons 1 through 4, are now streaming on Netflix.