Lucifer Gets Meta in Season 5 on Netflix

Fans of Lucifer don't have too much longer to wait for the fifth and no-longer-final season of the wildly popular series to hit Netflix -- the series returns on August 21st -- but when it does return it sounds like the series will be getting a little meta, at least for one episode. According to TVLine, the plot third episode of the show's fifth season is one that humorously mimics elements of Lucifer itself.

According to the report, episode three deals with a murder that happens to take place on the set of a Warner Bros. television show with the show being about a "devilish hunk and his police detective paramour." Lucifer is, of course, produced by Warner Bros. Television and, at its most basic core is literally about the devil Lucifer Morningstar (Tom Ellis) and his police detective paramour, Chloe Decker (Lauren German). The episode definitely sounds like a lot of fun and even a bit irreverent in perfect Lucifer style.

But it isn't just that meta situation that fans have to look forward to. Season 5 of Lucifer will also see Ella (Aimee Garcia) in a relationship with a new character, Los Angeles reporter Pete Daily, who is described as being "endearing, nerdy, and friendly." How nerdy? Well, according to Garcia, the pair will do fun things like go to Star Trek conventions together, the pair being a "match made in heaven."

"It's just bad news bears in the love department for Ella [at the beginning of season 5], which I like because she can't be perfect. Then, she finally, finally, finally dates a good guy," Garcia recently told Entertainment Weekly. "And she lets him, and it's so much more intimate because it's not just physical. They go to Star Trek conventions, and they go to dinner and there's wine and candles. They speak Klingon together. It's a match made in heaven. He's the male version of Ella. He's just as geeky."

The fourth season of Lucifer left with Lucifer returning to Hell, but not before Chloe told him that she loved him. The fifth season will begin with Lucifer still in Hell, though he will eventually be visited by his brother Amenadiel (DB Woodside) on a matter of urgent importance. The season will also feature a special, noir-style episode, something born out of Netflix expanding the season by six episodes.

"When we went from 10 to 16, [at] first we were like, 'How do we do this?' But literally within three days we were like, 'How could we ever had told the story without these stories?'" showrunner Joe Henderson said in an interview. "This was a big one because it ended up giving us such an opportunity to explore Lucifer in an early version of himself. Also, the big fun of the Princess Bride device is, as he's telling the story, he's basically putting the characters we know and love into it. He's replacing a hard-boiled detective with Chloe Decker [German], another character with Dan Espinoza [Kevin Alejandro]. The fun of it is, who Lucifer chooses to be who and what that says about how he sees them. [It's] also super fun getting to see actors play wildly different roles than we're accustomed to seeing them."

Lucifer Season Five premieres on Netflix on August 21st.


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