MAD Alfred E. Neuman Funko Pop Launches With a Chase Figure


The humor magazine MAD and the sketch comedy series MAD TV both ended their long runs in recent years, but this influential pop culture icon sill has its fans. That's why Funko is finally delivering a Pop figure based on MAD mascot Alfred E. Neuman.

Alfred E. Neuman and his "What, me worry?" motto go back decades before MAD magazine first used the character in 1954. Since then this gap-toothed kid has become synonymous with the MAD brand. Unfortunately, the Alfred e. Neuman Wacky Wobbler that Funko launched in 2012 (eBay) more closely resembles the character than the newly released Pop figure.

Still, when it comes to Alfred E. Neuman Funko Pops, this version is the only game in town. You can pre-order one here at Walmart and here at Entertainment Earth now, and if you're lucky you'll get the Chase version that features Neuman sticking out his tongue.

Mad Magazine was originally founded in 1952 by Howard Kurtzman and William Gaines. While being mostly known for its monthly print publication that would take humorous swings at pop culture and politics alike, Mad also had a long running sketch comedy show, Mad TV, on the Fox Network that ran in direct competition to Saturday Night Live.


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