Hulu Teases Release Date Window for Marvel's Helstrom

The Marvel Helstrom series for Hulu is still in the works, and now we may know when [...]

The Marvel Helstrom series for Hulu is still in the works, and now we may know when (approximately) the series will premiere. A new report details some changes that Disney is making with its various TV branches - specifically FX Networks and Hulu. THR's breakdown of what new Disney-owned shows will land where, included a brief mention of Marvel's Helstrom at the end, during an announcement that Hulu will once again be offering one of its yearly features: "Hulu's 'Huluween' programming block will return in the fall with titles including features Books of Blood and Bad Hair as well as Marvel drama Helstrom and anthology Monsterland."

Helstrom stars Tom Austen as Daimon Helstrom, and his sister Ana Helstrom (Sydney Lemmon). While the show is expected to deviate from the source material, we know that the series will follow Daimon and Ana Helstrom, who are the children of a "powerful serial killer" named Victoria Helsrom (Elizabeth Marvel). The Helstrom kids embark on a mission to hunt down the worst of humanity.

MILD SPOILERS - In the comics, it turns out that Victoria Helstrom was driven mad by the revelation that her husband/baby daddy was actually the devil (or a demon, in later retcons). That makes Daimon and his sister Ana (or "Satana") are actually the son and daughter of Satan, with a variety of supernatural powers and artifacts at their disposal. Daimon Helstrom takes this revelation (and a religious-themed upbringing) and sets himself up as a professor of anthropology/occult investigator and demon fighter. However, Satana was raised in a Hell dimension by her father, where she learned black magic and became a succubus, consuming the souls of men.

Marvel's Helstrom TV Series Premiere Date Hulu Huluween 2020

With these disparate character traits, one can already see the odd-couple pairing of Daimon and Ana Helstrom in the Marvel Hulu series. Brother and sister will likely have very different views about hunting and punishing evildoers - with plenty of room for both family secrets to come to light, and eventual superpowered falling out.

Hulu content chief Craig Erwich teased the show's appeal during the TCA earlier this year, saying:

"We're in production on [Helstrom]," Erwich said at the time. "I've seen the first four episodes of that and I'm really excited about it. It's definitely a different corner of the Marvel Universe in terms of its horror. It's a really unique take on a horror show that has a unique family situation at the center of it."

Marvel's Helstrom will premiere as part of Hulu's "Huluween" block, this fall.