MODOK Writer Reveals Mr. Sinister Is in Series

There are quite a lot of Marvel Comics-inspired projects that are set to come out in the coming [...]

There are quite a lot of Marvel Comics-inspired projects that are set to come out in the coming years, ranging from blockbuster films to highly-anticipated TV series. One of the most unique entries is set to be Marvel's M.O.D.O.K., a stop-motion animated series that is expected to arrive on Hulu. With an all-star cast and a creative approach to the canon, fans have been eager to see exactly what it entails -- and according to a new tweet from series co-creator Jordan Blum, that will include a fan-favorite X-Men antagonist. In a series of tweets, which you can check out below, Blum confirmed that Mr. Sinister will be making an appearance on the series, and even provided a look at his X-Men: The Animated Series-inspired character design.

Blum and series star Patton Oswalt previously teased X-Men characters appearing in the series, revealing during a virtual panel at New York Comic Con last year that their "toybox" of characters was surprisingly comprehensive.

"I cannot believe the Marvel toybox stuff they let us play with. We pitched some characters, some even in the X-Universe, we were like 'We don't know if they're gonna say yes to this,' and they were like 'Yeah, go ahead,'" Oswalt said. "Again, I don't want to say who, but there were a couple Jordan and I were thinking 'Oh, I don't think they said yes to. Let's write this but have backup because they'll realize,' but no, we got them."

"We got lucky because our show is its own animated world," Blum added. "It's a satire of all the stuff that's come before it, like the comics and movies. We kind of took an attitude that was similar to Into the Spider-Verse or LEGO Batman, where it all counts and let's pull what we need for the stories and then carve out our own little section with AIM and MODOK and Marvel was great about giving us a lot of the toys."

"Like Patton was saying, we have A-listers, D-listers, and people you would have to dig deep in the Marvel Handbook to even find existed," Blum continued. "With all those characters, there's so much comedy built into them and using them in these big sci-fi stories that are kind of grounded in these very human relationship stories."

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