Moon Knight: After Coronavirus Delay, New Disney+ Filming Start Date Revealed

Disney and Marvel Studios have suffered many delays to their plans because of the spread of [...]

Disney and Marvel Studios have suffered many delays to their plans because of the spread of COVID-19 and the coronavirus pandemic, especially when it comes to plans for Disney+ shows such as Moon Knight. And though the debut of Marc Spector could potentially be pushed back, we now know when production is expected to kick off for the live-action series set to introduce a major character into the Marvel Cinematic Universe. While the show was originally set to begin filming this summer, a new report indicates that cameras are expected to begin rolling closer to the end of the year.

A new listing from Production Weekly states that Moon Knight — working title "Good Faith" — is set to begin filming around November 16 with production set to take place over 26 weeks.

The synopsis for Moon Knight reads as follows: "Moon Knight — who showed up as a good guy in 1975's Werewolf by Night No. 32 — is the vigilante alter ego of mercenary Marc Spector, but it's actually more complicated than that: Spector also has a couple of other alter egos (millionaire Steven Grant and cab driver Jake Lockley) that may or may not be separate, alternate personalities, and the same may be true of Khonshu, the Egyptian deity who is either guiding Spector through his costumed adventures or a figment of Spector's imagination. In recent years, another persona has emerged: 'Mr. Knight,' a police consultant who dresses in all white and wears a mask while solving unusual crimes."

It's not clear if the Mr. Knight version of the character will appear, though many fans would likely welcome this aspect as it was first featured in the popular Marvel Comics run on the character from Warren Ellis, Jordie Bellaire, and Declan Shalvey.

Moon Knight series writer Beau DeMayo teased what fans could expect from the show when it premieres on Disney+ during a conversation with

"[Moon Knight] has a rich legacy that's for sure," DeMayo says. "It's funny, last week I had dental surgery and I was driving home and I told my buddy, I'm like, 'I think Marvel implanted a microphone in my tooth in preparation for any interviews, to make sure I don't say anything.'"

DeMayo added, "All I can really say is, one, [showrunner] Jeremy Slater is a frigging badass. He's so smart. He is a great, awesome guy to work for. And then, I know it sounds like pandering but it is so true that, as a fan coming into Marvel, it is so amazing to see the... we've heard it before with Kevin [Feige] and everybody's just... They do really care."

Moon Knight does not yet have a planned release window on Disney+.