'NCIS' Season 15 Now Available on Netflix

NCIS season 15 has made its way to Netflix.

On Sunday, July 1, Netflix added another season of the popular CBS police procedural, which follows the Naval Criminal Investigative Service team as they conduct criminal investigations involving the U.S. Navy and the Marine Corps. The fifteenth season of the series, which originally aired on the network on September 26, 2017, picks up two months after the events of the season 14 finale, which saw agents Gibbs and McGee fighting a group of rebels in Paraguay, and fans are already making plans to binge watch the season.

"NCIS season 15 is on Netflix now and I won't be leaving my room for a few days now," one fan wrote on Twitter.

"Nvm season 15 of NCIS just came out on Netflix, now I'm definitely not sleeping," another Twitter user commented.

"NCIS season 15 is on Netflix now and I won't be leaving my room for a few days now," another wrote.

While most fans were simply expressing their excitement at the new addition and politely requesting that they not be bothered as they binge the entirety of season 15, for many more, it brought back the stinging pain of one heartbreaking character exits that took place: Pauley Perrette's longtime character Abby Sciuto.

"NCIS season 15 is out on Netflix. I'm so happy but so sad because Pauley left," one fan wrote.

"In case you missed it, Season 15 of NCIS is now on Netflix! Now we can watch Pauley Perrette's and Duane Henry's goodbye eps over & over again," another fan wrote, adding a series of crying and broken heart emojis.

Perrette officially said goodbye to the series on May 8 after a 15-season long run as the eccentric genius Abby Scuito. Perrette had appeared in more than 350 episodes of the series, having been one of the few characters to introduce the series in a backdoor pilot that aired on JAG, and she quickly became a fan-favorite renowned for her trademark goth look.

"There's never been a character like Abby on television. She's a brilliant scientist with this whole alternative look to her but she's [also] a good girl with a huge heart. She's a church kid. She bowls with nuns. It's so many things wrapped up into one," Perrette told TV Guide in the days leading up to her final episode. "Abby's legacy is going to be forever. The effect that she's had around the world, especially in young girls pursuing math and science. There [are] young women out there who've gotten their degrees and are in the field of science and math and forensics because of this TV character."


Perrette had announced her decision to leave the series in August, citing personal reasons for her departure.