Gargoyles: NECA Officially Unveils New Demona Figure

Months after NECA unveiled plans to release a line of Gargoyles figures, the toymaker has unveiled [...]

Months after NECA unveiled plans to release a line of Gargoyles figures, the toymaker has unveiled the next two toys in the set. As most would expect, the line launched with a dynamite figure of Keith David's Goliath; now, figures for both Demona and Thailog will be available in the coming days. NECA unveiled the news in a virtual Comic-Con@Home panel on Monday, giving fans their first looks at both new figures.

Like the Goliath figure before, Demona is coming with plenty of extra pieces, including two interchangeable heads and a pair of weapons. A snapshot of the panel also includes a toy version of the Grimorum Arcanorum, the go-to magical tome of the Gargoyles world. No additional goodies were seen with the Thailog figure.

Demona (Marina Sirtis), of course, serves as one of the show's primary leads — either playing protagonist or antagonist as the story warrants. Thailog, on the other hand, is a genetic clone of both Goliath (David) and David Xanatos (Jonathan Frakes).

With the reintroduction of the series to a new generation thanks to the release of Disney+, fans have been clamoring for the Mouse to release a reboot or relaunch. Should it get to that point, David previously told us he'd love to return to the show.

"You know, those of us who were involved from the beginning... I've always wondered why they stopped it in the first place," David told us in 2019.

That's when the voice actor floated the idea of a possible reboot, saying he'd be entirely on board for coming back to voice Goliath for another go-around. "[We've wondered] why we haven't come back to a reboot," the actor asked. "I mean, I would love nothing more than to revisit Goliath."

"You know, he was absolutely one of my very, very, very, very favorite characters. I've always maintained that when I grow up, I want to be like Goliath."

All three seasons of Gargoyles are now streaming on Disney+.

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