Disney's Gargoyles Getting New Action Figures From NECA

NECA makes some of the best action figures around, and for fan-favorite franchises like Teenage [...]

NECA makes some of the best action figures around, and for fan-favorite franchises like Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, King Kong, Predator, and more. Now they are taking on another beloved property, one that Disney fans adore in Gargoyles, which is now available on Disney+. NECA teased their latest line of figures on Twitter, revealing the first figure in the line, which is fittingly the group's leader, Goliath. The character has never looked more imposing and features all of NECA's extensive articulation and attention to detail, including those monstrous wings, and you can check out the official images below. The line is set to hit this summer. UPDATE: Pre-orders for the Ultimate Goliath figure are live here at Entertainment Earth now for $32.99.

You can see in the photos that Goliath features articulation in his arms, wrists, shoulders, torso, knees, ankles, and feet, allowing for a multitude of poses and stances. Goliath sports an angry expression on his face and the wings look impressive as well.

(Photo: NECA)

Even better is the fact that like all NECA releases, Goliath will come with a host of accessories, including an alternate head sculpt that bears a more tempered and neutral facial expression. The other photo highlights this with a book in his hands, and his left hand seems to have an alternate hand as well.

(Photo: NECA)

We don't know when the new set is headed to stores, but hopefully, this is just the first of the line, as fans will definitely want to see characters like Brooklyn, Lexington, Broadway, Hudson, Bronx, Angela, and Elisa join the set as well and in the same style.

The show being available on Disney+ has brought it to a new legion of fans, and there are plenty who would love to see it come back to life in some way. That includes Moon Knight writer Beau DeMayo, who would love to help bring that to the screen once again.

"I was probably more excited, and this'll probably get me fired, I was more excited to watch Gargoyles when Disney+ dropped than any other show on there," DeMayo said. "I was like, oh, I'm watching Gargoyles as soon as that drops. But that was my stuff growing up. It's strange, I'm a fanboy and I just go where the winds take me. Because the thing is is like, from an outside perspective, yes, what I do is really cool and awesome. But at the end of the day, it is a job and there are bills to pay. So I've just been lucky to land that stuff that pays the bills, that I love."

We'd be down for seeing that happen, and hopefully, we'll see more of the figures soon.

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