Netflix Reportedly Renews Space Force For Season 2

Netflix has reportedly renewed Space Force for season 2. What's On Netflix is the source of this [...]

Netflix has reportedly renewed Space Force for season 2. What's On Netflix is the source of this report, with the site stating that, "Space Force, one of Netflix's most controversial comedy series, has reportedly been renewed for a second season. This news comes from a source of ours that has proven to be credible. They previously told us that Netflix's Warrior Nun, Ozark, and Fate: A Winx Saga have all been renewed. Netflix has already confirmed that Ozark has been renewed." Word of Space Force's renewal might be somewhat shocking to some fans, as the series had lukewarm reaction from critics, and seemed to come and go rather quickly.

On the other hand, Space Force did debut well, quickly shooting to the top of Netflix's Top 10 in the US on its premiere weekend, and staying in that top 10 lineup for a pretty good clip. The caveat to that, however, is that a Netflix series' success is typically measured in the amount of lasting social media buzz it generates - and Space Force has generated little to none. There aren't a lot of clips or memes from the show going viral on social media, and word-of-mouth hasn't really made it a "mainstream" breakthrough - even with the extremely limited content options during the coronavirus pandemic.

This season 2 renewal could be yet another show of (over)confidence by Netflix; this season 2 greenlight is the best incentive we've had to remember that Space Force season 1 is still available. Now that viewers know a second season is coming, it'll be interesting to see if there's an uptick in views on the first season.

Netflix Space Force Season 2 Renewal

The Steve Carell-led comedy series takes a farcical look at the newest branch of the US military, Space Force, and the efforts to both understand what this vague department is, and what its mission will be. The series turned out to be less of a scathing indictment of military operations under the current administration, and more a tale about the various pieces of and personnel that must come together to make America's greatest achievements happen. As we said in our official Space Force review:

"Space Force is delightfully absurd, a comedic light that comes along at the best possible time. The satire throughout is welcome comedy, poking fun at the notion that the United States government aims to convert soldiers into space-faring crime-fighters. Admittedly, the parodies are a little too on-the-nose at times, removing the suspension of reality some might expect while they put on a movie or TV series. Even then, that's something that speaks volumes to the world we live in, rather than to the quality of the programming itself."

Space Force is now streaming on Netflix.