Eminem Surprises Oscars with 8 Mile Performance

The Oscars decided to do a montage of past winners for Best Original Song and there were a lot of [...]

The Oscars decided to do a montage of past winners for Best Original Song and there were a lot of treats in the package. What fans didn't expect is for Eminem to walk onstage and thrill the crowd with his 2000 hit Lose Yourself from the 8 Mile soundtrack. The film won at the 2002 Oscars and unfortunately, The Academy couldn't get the hip-hop megastar in the building to perform his hit. Well, time will make a lot of strange things happen and fans at home got their wish on Sunday night. They might have been enjoying it a bit more than the people in attendance. There was some very comedic reactions in the crowd who may not have been feeling the Rap megabit.

Eminem wrote on Twitter after the performance, "Look, if you had another shot, another opportunity... Thanks for having me @TheAcademy. Sorry it took me 18 years to get here."

The footage he posted along with that video shows just how long ago the win was. Eminem wasn't even on hand to accept the award when he won. But, he gets to enjoy some of the fun now. He can rest easy realizing that the people at home and some near the performance really enjoyed the performance. Even as an elder statesman of the genre, the Hip-Hop icon can still bring it. Maybe there could be another chance for another Oscar, for now the cameo appearance will have to do.

Martin Scorsese's reaction on Twitter seems to be doing numbers as he almost had his eyes closed like he was sleeping. The memes have already been plentiful with Billie Eilish's reaction to a medley from earlier in the evening. Who knows what could happen if Joker takes home the top prize and Joaquin Phoenix has to deliver a speech. It could be one for the books, in fact, the argument could be made that we're already there with social media providing some bizarre sidebars to everything that's happened. Like so many people catching that Kelly Marie Tran got more screentime than she got in the entirety of Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker.