Pennyworth Season 2: DC FanDome Panel Reveals Baby Batman Is Coming

The story of Batman's beloved butler is going to get a lot closer to Bruce Wayne's timeline when [...]

The story of Batman's beloved butler is going to get a lot closer to Bruce Wayne's timeline when Pennyworth returns to Epix for its second season. Martha Kane and Thomas Wayne, the duo who end up becoming Bruce's parents, had an elongated will-they-won't-they sort of relationship through the show's first season, as they both supported Alfred in his efforts to save England. By the Season 1 finale, Thomas and Martha finally got together, and Season 2 will kick off with a pretty big surprise for the couple.

It was revealed during Saturday's edition of DC FanDome, the second installment of the event, that Martha Kane will be pregnant in the upcoming season of Pennyworth. Of course, unless there is some major fake-out from the writers, this mean that baby Bruce is on the way.

Pennyworth stars Emma Paetz and Ben Aldridge, who play Martha and Thomas, respectively, were given the news by executive producer Bruno Heller during the show's DC FanDome panel.

Martha has been on quite a journey throughout the series so far, and that adventure will continue with the news of her pregnancy. Before her first appearance on the show last season, Paetz spoke with about her character's up-and-down arc.

"I think, well she goes through quite a journey throughout the series actually," Paetz told us. "The Martha who first appears, she appears to have her shit together. She knows she has an implicit moral code within herself, and she believes in what's right, and what's wrong, and also that she knows what's right and what's wrong, and that she's doing the right thing at whatever cost.

"Her beliefs and her belief in herself get sort of... That axis gets shifted throughout the series. It ends up causing her to question a lot of what she's following, and why she's doing the things she does. And I think that, that is when Martha gets very exciting to me to play, is when when you see someone, an intelligent, strong-willed person, be confronted with their belief system, and with what they're doing, and struggling. She ends up struggling a lot through the series, and she's quite dark at times, which I really like. That I think it's brave that [EP] Bruno [Heller]'s written the darkness to her, and that was really rewarding to explore."

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