Anya Taylor-Joy Addresses if Queen's Gambit Season 2 Will Happen

Months after chess drama The Queen's Gambit became a bonafide phenomenon on Netflix, the popular [...]

Months after chess drama The Queen's Gambit became a bonafide phenomenon on Netflix, the popular series took home a couple of major awards at the 2021 Golden Globes. The show took home the award for Best Limited Series, Anthology TV Series, or TV Movie, while lead actress Anya Taylor-Joy won for Best Actress in the same TV category. Neither of these wins were all that surprising, given the acclaim The Queen's Gambit received upon its debut. Even less surprising is the fact that folks are still hoping to see a second season from the show, despite its status as a limited story.

After the Globes on Sunday, Taylor-Joy spoke with ET about her big win, and the topic of a potential second season was brought up. Yes, this was a limited series, but perhaps there could be more to Beth Harmon's tale. According to Taylor-Joy, the creative behind the series hasn't really given it much thought.

"Maybe," Taylor-Joy said. "Not to disappoint anybody, but we just never thought about it. It was always a sapling to tree transition. You see her grow, you leave her in a good place. So we were genuinely surprised when people were like, 'Where's season 2?'"

"That being said, I adore the entire team that made it and I would jump at the chance to work with them again," the actress added added.

The Queen's Gambit was always intended to be a limited series, and it seems like it will stay that way going forward. Not that the folks involved don't want to work together again, but the story has already been told, and there's nothing else to add.

"One of my favorite things about her was because she was raised in this interesting way, she never really saw her gender as something that told her what she could or couldn't want. And I really enjoyed playing that, especially in the context of the '60s," Taylor-Joy said of her character. "So I think more than playing a strong woman, I feel very honored to have played such an interesting, complex person. And I'm very proud of that."

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