'Riverdale' Season 3 Premiere Gets a Title

After last season's shocking conclusion, we now have an idea of how Riverdale's 'brave new world' [...]

After last season's shocking conclusion, we now have an idea of how Riverdale's "brave new world" will pick things back up.

Riverdale showrunner Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa recently shared a photo of the season three premiere script on his Twitter account. The first page of the script reveals the episode's title - "Labor Day" - as well as a comic panel of Archie in court.

As fans will remember, the finale ended with Archie Andrews (KJ Apa) thrown in jail, after being framed by Hiram Lodge for a murder he didn't commit. In the meantime, Hal Cooper (Lochlyn Munro) was convicted for being the Black Hood, Cheryl Blossom (Madelaine Petsch) and Betty Cooper (Lili Reinhart) became members of the Southside Serpents... and about a dozen more plotlines in addition to that.

The title "Labor Day" feels particularly interesting, beyond the fact that it keeps up with Riverdale's trend of borrowing names from movie titles. Assuming the title references the late August-early September holiday, it seems to hint at a bit of a time jump for the series, with the first two seasons taking place over the span of about a semester-and-a-half of a single school year.

A time jump could place Riverdale in a pretty interesting position, allowing some storylines to subtly develop without fans needing to see the immediate aftermath. But then again, it's almost too early to tell one way or another if there will be a time jump.

Either way, it sounds like fans should be excited for what's to come in Riverdale's third season -- but that they also should expect the unexpected.

"You know, our show is ever-evolving." Ashleigh Murray, who plays Josie McCoy, said in a recent interview. "So sometimes, we have these really great ideas and really great plans that don't always come to fruition, because maybe something else might come up that works better. But we do have some really great things in the works. We're very, very lucky. Roberto is so open to conversations about what we'd like to see for our characters, which is very rare."

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The third season of Riverdale will debut Wednesday, October 10th, at 8/7c on The CW.