Riverdale Recap: Everything You Missed in "Strange Bedfellows"

The day Riverdale fans have been waiting (and waiting) for has finally arrived. This week saw the [...]

The day Riverdale fans have been waiting (and waiting) for has finally arrived. This week saw the midseason premiere of the hit The CW series, several months after the series' most recent episode in March. After so much time away, it was safe to assume that the series wouldn't be pulling any punches — and it definitely seems like that was the case. The episode was chock full of surprising and unexpected moments — and if you need to catch up on the most essential details and storylines from Riverdale's latest episode, we're here to help. Here are the biggest reveals and Easter eggs from "Chapter Eighty-Seven: Strange Bedfellows." Obviously, spoilers for Season 5, Episode 10 of Riverdale, "Chapter Eighty-Seven: Strange Bedfellows", below! Only look if you want to know!


The school is trashed in the aftermath of Hiram's prison break, and Archie plans to put a crew together to clean it up. One of the convicts robs Pop's and ends up in the hospital, but refuses to name names of other prisoners. Hiram offers a reward for people who can round up the escaped prisoners, and Archie agrees to take on the bounty, in order to use the money to rebuild the school. Archie, Kevin, Fangs, and Uncle Frank all make a plan to bring in the prisoners. Meanwhile, Darla sneaks into the hospital and kills the prisoner, knocking out Tom Keller in the process.

Veronica tells Archie about Chad's ultimatum with the divorce, and Archie decides they can't be together romantically until the divorce is finalized.Veronica's jewelry store gets robbed by Darla and Dodger. Veronica tells Reggie to help her find some of the stolen goods, and he reluctantly agrees. Archie and the gang bring in some of the prisoners, and they meet Veronica and Reggie there, and Veronica asks for help in obtaining a rare opal she lost in the robbery.

The convicts kidnap Hiram, Tom, and the governor and take them to the fire station, calling Veronica in exchange for the rare mineral Hiram is harvesting, palladium. When she learns Dodger is a part of the scheme and has her opal, she agrees, and enlists Archie and the rest of his team to help. Veronica finds the palladium in a safe, and orchestrates a plan with the guys to bring the safe to Hiram, creating a distraction for the guys to attack. It works, and the group rappels in and beats up the criminals, getting the opal back to Veronica in the process.

Veronica and Archie regroup at Pop's, and Archie stands by his decision to wait until Veronica is divorced. Hiram antagonizes Governor Dooley into giving him more power.

Penelope tells Cheryl and Nana Rose that she started a ministry while in prison, and decides to start it within Riverdale, to Cheryl's chagrin. Cheryl watches Penelope give a sermon, which basically turns into worship for Jason and his death. Cheryl later discovers that Penelope uncovered Jason's skeleton.

Tabitha reaches out to Betty for help in finding Jughead. Tabitha explains what happened to Jughead while he was on psychadelics, and she agrees to follow potential leads. Betty calls Jessica, Jughead's ex, who also agrees to help. They go through locations that Jughead frequented, and after they find nothing, Jessica suggests that they all take drugs to retrace Jughead's steps. When they refuse, Jessica suggests they go to Pop's, and they all talk about how Jughead cast himself as the hero of their past. Jessica then admits to drugging the group's fries, as Betty and Tabitha start tripping, so she could steal Jughead's manuscript from them and make sure she's not slandered in it.

As Betty and Tabitha trip, they — and Penelope and Cheryl, who are leading mass — all sing. Betty and Tabitha wake up later and recollect what happened, and Tabitha offers to help with finding the Lonely Highway killer.

Jughead is homeless on the street, and gets beaten up by a bunch of businessmen. Jughead is saved by Doc — a man who was the center of a story Jughead told to impress the Preppies. The businessmen come back to beat up Doc and Jughead. The next morning, Jughead realizes he needs to process what happened to him in New York before he can move on.

Tabitha and Betty get a voicemail from Jughead — just as he hitchhikes into a shady truck.

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