‘Riverdale’ Stars on If They Would Want to Cross Over With ‘Sabrina’

The world of Riverdale is set to expand even further this year, with the release of Netflix's Chilling Adventures of Sabrina. But as it turns out, some of the stars of the flagship show are a little on the fence about a potential crossover.

Ashleigh Murray and Vanessa Morgan, who play Josie McCoy and Toni Topaz on the hit The CW series, were recently asked about the possibility of a crossover between Riverdale and Sabrina. As Murray put it, having the Riverdale crew cross paths with teenaged witch Sabrina Spellman (Kiernan Shipka) could almost have too large of ramifications.

“I’m gonna say no." Murray revealed during a panel at POPSugar's Play/Ground festival. "And I say no because Sabrina is a very different world. I don’t know how, if they’re going to play into her magical-ness, and if it’s not just her that has that. Riverdale is so based in this type of reality, that I’m not sure that bringing the two together, if it’s something that you could just walk away from. If it would just be a one-off thing, like it’s fine and they’re able to separate the two, I think it would be a lot."

"Our show is already so large, and I think bringing that in… It would be like when you mix a bunch of paint together and you just get a bunch of brown." Murray continued. "Not that there’s anything wrong with brown.”

Morgan then offered her opinion on the shows being connected, and said that she personally thinks it would be fun.

"I will say that I would love it, though." Morgan explained. "I would love it if it does take place in [Riverdale's version of] Greendale. I personally, I was obsessed with Sabrina growing up, I love magic, I love all that stuff. I would love it if we went over.”

The topic of a Riverdale/Sabrina crossovers has been addressed quite a bit over the past few months, with multiple people confirming that it won't happen in the immediate future.

"I think Betty’s solely in the Riverdale world and it doesn’t make sense for a crossover." Lili Reinhart, who plays Betty Cooper, explained back in February. "That’s why the decision was ultimately made to move to Netflix — to make these Riverdale and Sabrina shows completely separate universes. I don’t really know what Roberto’s plan is for Sabrina or what aspect of the supernatural or magic will be used. I know that doesn’t exist in Riverdale. At least right now. So it wouldn’t make sense for those two worlds to collide."


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Riverdale's third season will debut Wednesdays this fall at 8/7c on The CW. Chilling Adventures of Sabrina will debut sometime this year on Netflix.