Robert Downey Jr. Giving Away Dream Cars Featured in New Max Series

Today saw Max release of the first episodes of Downey's Dream Cars, featuring Iron Man himself Robert Downey Jr. The former Marvel actor appears in the reality series which chronicles his mission to convert some of his favorite classic cars into electric vehicles. After the six episodes of the series have aired, the Academy Award nominee Downey plans to give them all away, and you could win one for a very low price. is the home for this sweepstakes, which includes six vehicles that RDJ has refurbished, including:

  • 1965 Chevrolet Corvette, says Downey: "We changed the heart of an American classic, but we left the soul intact."
  • 1966 Buick Riviera
  • 1969 Mercedes-Benz 280SE
  • 1972 Chevrolet K10 Pickup
  • 1972 VW Bus
  • 1985 Chevrolet El Camino

Fans eager to get a chance at owning one of these cars can do so by purchasing entries, ranging from 10 entries for $10 to 8,500 entries for $5,000. Only residents of the 50 US states and DC,. The United Kingdom, and Canada (excluding Quebec), are eligible. The money spent on paying for entries into the sweepstakes will ebnefict the FootPrint Coaltion, a group founded by Robert Downey Jr "to accelerate technologies that will help create a future of sustainable abundance." The Coalition "supports the research, development, and adoption of scientific solutions to ensure human and planetary health," naturally including Elecric Vehicle conversion.

"If I [could] do other seasons, I probably would, but if all of this is just to bring attention to these cars that in a sweepstakes situation could help me get X amount to make good on what I've said my intentions are with this coalition's mission statement, then it's good," Downey said in an interview with MotorTrend.  "You know how sometimes everything in our mind, no one can ever really figure it out? It's like on the back of a napkin in my head, like, 'If this can connect to that, then I know the why.' As long as you have a why, you can get through any what. What kind of tone should it have? What level of exposure are you willing to offer if this is supposed to be so personal to you?"

The first two episodes of Downey's Dream Cars are streaming now on Discovery+ and Max.