Former Saturday Night Live Star Chris Kattan Hospitalized After Severe Pneumonia Bout

Chris Kattan has been hospitalized after a scary health situation forced a trip to the emergency room for surgery. TMZ reports that the comedian will end up missing some upcoming dates on his comedy tour. In the realm of a larger diagnosis, sources close to Kattan told the outlet that he recently had Streptococcus Pneumoniae. This bad case of pneumonia is nothing to be taken lightly. Sunday saw the actor raced to the hospital for further treatment and then surgery. Luckily for Kattan, things went smoothly as he'll be released Friday and can return to work before too long. But, it's a scary situation with hospitals and emergency rooms overrun with the dual COVID and RSV infection rate in the United States. Friday was supposed to feature a comedy tour stop in Valparaiso, Indiana. However, in light of his health situation, its been postponed.

Recently, film viewers had been thinking about Kattan after a brief mention in NOPE. His time on Saturday Night Live was referenced and that caught the actor's eye. He talked to Consequence about the entire moment and how he heard about it.

NOPE's Big SNL Reference

"All I knew was that there was some mention of my name in the film and that was pretty much it," Kattan revealed to the outlet. "Some people were saying, 'Chris Kattan crushed it,' 'Chris Goddamn Kattan,' different variations of what was said… I figured that someone would have told me that it was negative."

"Well, they didn't say it directly but yes, I assumed that that's what they were referring to," the actor said of the Mr. Peepers homage. "Obviously, it was very flattering -- I couldn't be more honored."

"I don't know if they would do that. It's very hard to predict if the writers would suggest doing something like that or not," the actor also mentioned. "I would probably ask that myself: As a writer, do you think that's a good idea? I don't know if it is a good idea… Having Jordan Peele mention me in this level of a film — this level of production and being a huge blockbuster of the summer, I thought that that was so wild. It really took me by surprise."

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