SNL Star Says They're Ready to "Hang Up the Jersey"

The nature of Saturday Night Live and its hectic production schedule means that the sketch-comedy [...]

The nature of Saturday Night Live and its hectic production schedule means that the sketch-comedy series typically doesn't announce who will be featured in an upcoming season until relatively shortly before a season premieres, with Pete Davidson recently teasing that, while it's not officially confirmed, it seems likely he won't be appearing in Season 47. Last week's season finale saw Davidson, as well as longtime stars Kate McKinnon and Cecily Strong, reflecting on their time with the series, igniting speculation among fans that this was a subtle way to say goodbye to the series without having to officially make the announcement.

"I'm surprised I made it to seven [seasons]. I'm ready to hang up the jersey," Davidson recently shared with The Hollywood Reporter. Also appearing in the season finale's cold open was Kenan Thompson, who is the longest-running cast member at 18 seasons, with Davidson joking, "Kenan's like f-ckin' Karl Malone out there."

Thompson has previously teased that he would prefer to make it to 20 seasons, as it's a much more significant number.

Between mental health struggles and public romantic relationships, Davidson's personal life arguably began to overshadow his professional life in recent years, with the actor noting how much his mindset has changed due to the pandemic.

"I was at a really different place a year or two ago. I'm not exactly proud of how I handled or was handling things a few years ago," Davidson admitted. "Looking back on it, you're like, 'Ahh, come on, dude.' Luckily a pandemic happened and I got kicked in the balls and had to sit with all of my immature irrational decisions. I was so happy when they said that SNL was going to come back because I was literally sitting with my own thoughts and I was feeling really bad. I was really excited just to work and see people and I had a different outlook for this season and moving forward. I think I've been able to have a lot of fun and I just really appreciate it — not working at all really sucks."

Last year saw the debut of King of Staten Island, a somewhat autobiographical film about Davidson's life, which he both starred in and co-wrote. When it comes to his future, Davidson would like to see his trajectory mirror that of SNL alum Adam Sandler.

"You get to see a lot of people at SNL, and there's this aura around Eddie Murphy where you're just like, 'Holy sh-t, that's Eddie Murphy,'" Davidson noted. "Sandler is like that, too, you just can't believe you're seeing him in person. I'd like the Eddie Murphy, Sandler career. I like what Sandler did where he's like, 'These are my eight friends, we're going to do this formula for the next 30 to 50 years.' He built this entire universe for himself, and he's in his own lane. That's the model. Also, the way he carries himself I try to follow. He's so kind to everyone, and you never hear of a Sandler issue — there's never like a Sandler-gate. Any time you see that guy's face, it's associated with smiles and good vibes. That's the thing I'm trying to follow."

Stay tuned for details on Season 47 of Saturday Night Live.

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