M. Night Shyamalan Knows How Servant Will End

In watching a mystery driven thrill ride like Servant, it is often relieving for viewers to know [...]

In watching a mystery driven thrill ride like Servant, it is often relieving for viewers to know that the creative powers behind the show have a final destination in mind. It should come as know twist or surprise that M. Night Shyamalan knows how he is going to end Servant, the Apple TV+ series which has been a dark, twisted, and thrilling adventure in its first season with a new batch of episodes coming up in January. Shyamalan talked with ComicBook.com, as seen in the video above, where he revealed that he has the ending of Servant fully planned out, even though it has not been that way all along.

Shyamalan admits he did not have the full ending realized when it all began. "No, not day one, but I do now," Shyamalan said. "I do have it now." The series will continue toward its ending when Season 2 picks up right where the freshman season ended, following Toby Kebbell's Sean Turn and Lauren Ambrose's Dorothy Turner as their son Jericho has now once again vanished from their home. The strain of losing Jericho (or his magical stand-in doll) will take its toll on their relationship throughout the upcoming episodes, something we dive into with Kebbell and Ambrose in interviews publishing on ComicBook.com in early January.

Shyamalan is taking all of the characters and their relationships into account as he drives the story forward toward an ending, though that final conclusion is not coming in Season 2. Servant has already been renewed for a Season 3.

"I had a kind of aspirational end point, after season one, when we were doing season one but then season two was when I said, 'I can't do this anymore until we know where we're going.' I have to know where we're going. I can't keep making episodes and not know exactly where we're heading and why this person is there and what they're saying means this. So, we worked it all out and I spent the pandemic the first, whatever, months when we were all home, everyone was shut down and locked down, just writing out everything I wanted and dreamed for the show for the remainder."

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Servant returns for its second season on Apple TV+ on January 15.