Shadow and Bone's Crows Reveal Wildest Places They Practiced With Their Weapons (Exclusive)

While the Grishaverse's most notable battles are fought with magic, several regular humans brandish signature weaponry that make them a match for any sorcerer. This is evident with The Crows especially, as Kaz Brekker's collection of crooks all wield a unique combative object. Freddy Carter's Kaz relies on a cane to help with his limp, but he is quick to use the walking stick as a baton when conflict arises. Kaz's tag team partners, Jesper Fahey (Kit Young) and Inej Ghafa (Amita Suman), turn to twin revolvers and throwing knives, respectively, when the going gets tough.

Considering Jesper and Inej are expert wielders of objects that are not exactly everyday items from Young and Suman's lives, both actors had to dedicate significant time to getting comfortable with their characters' weapons. Speaking with's Liam Crowley, Young joked that he found himself spinning his revolvers while taking calls.

"I've now got some props at home, so I'll be on the phone to my parents and I'll just be twizzling [a revolver]," Young said. "I think that's probably quite bizarre because nobody knows that unless they're able to see through my window. Thankfully, they didn't call the police because obviously they can't tell that they're made of rubber. They're always with me. I'm always prepared. But yeah, I try not to take them out into public (laughs)."

Suman added that she'd be practicing with her knives as she woke up in the mornings.

"Every time we'd have breakfast, it would be like sunny and the birds would be chirping, I'd come down in my onesie (while spinning Inej's knives) and I'd be like, 'Hi mom. Hi dad. What are we having for breakfast today?'" Suman said. "Or at dinnertime, I'd also bring it. I took it to a park once. Only once! I learnt my lesson and then kept it to the dining table."

While the Shadow and Bone cast was familiar with what each of their characters required on set, Carter admitted seeing his co-stars take work home with them took him aback at first.

"That did take some getting used to," Carter noted. "Whenever we'd come to your place in Budapest, you'd be like (while spinning revolvers), 'Hey, come on in! Fancy coffee? What can I get for you?'"

"When people would come over, everyone would be like, 'Oh, can I have a go?'" Young added. "They'd be like, "Show me that trick!" They'd try and one up each other. It was kind of like a camp [for] gunslinging."

All Crow weapons will be on full display when Shadow and Bone Season 2 hits Netflix this Thursday, March 16th.