'Sherlock' Star Martin Freeman Offers Update on Show's Future

Martin Freeman is currently enjoying the success of Black Panther, where he reprises his Marvel [...]

Martin Freeman is currently enjoying the success of Black Panther, where he reprises his Marvel Cinematic Universe role as American CIA agent Everett Ross. However, certain fans are eager to Freeman return to a much more British role.

Freeman plays Dr. John Watson on the hit British television series Sherlock. There's been no news about the series since its long-awaited fourth season aired in January 2017.

During an interview with Den of Geek, Freeman offered an update on where the series stands. Unfortunately, it seems to be standing still.

"No, no news actually," Freeman said. "We're definitely in a pause at the moment. But I know to Americans it feels like it's all a pause. But no, I genuinely don't know."

Speaking candidly, Freeman admits that he's enjoying some time away from hype and pressure that surrounds Sherlock.

"I mean, I think after season 4, we all wanted to take a bit of time just away from the madness," he said. "People really want more Sherlock. I think that's great. I really love that. But speaking for myself, I'd quite like to take a break from that for a while. Just that sort of...clamor. Which is lovely, cause people like your show, but it can feel quite pressured actually. Know what I mean? You've got obviously to surprise them, but if you surprise them too much they'll hate you for it. It's a tricky one. It's a hard one, because there is so much expectation on that show, more than anything I've ever done. I'm happy to give it a rest for a while certainly."

He and Sherlock co-star Benedict Cumberbatch are also being kept busy with their Marvel Studios roles. Cumberbatch will reprise his role as Marvel's Sorcerer Supreme, Doctor Stange, in Avengers: Infinity War and Freeman confirmed that Marvel fans haven't seen the last of Everett Ross either.

"They did [tell me my character's future]," Freeman revealed. "They introduced me in Civil War and said there would be a couple of other films, one of which was Black Panther. So that was always on the cards."

Black Panther is now playing in theaters.