Frank Miller's Sin City Getting A TV Reboot

Frank Miller has made quite the impact in the world of comics, and he's looking to take over TV next. Sin City, one of Miller's most popular comic series', is being adapted for television.

According to Deadline, TWC/Dimension is developing the TV version of the comics, which were previously made into two separate feature films. The second movie, A Dame To Kill For, was released in 2013.

Glen Mazzara, of The Walking Dead fame, will act as showrunner. His former projects also include The Shield and horror series The Omen. Len Wiseman, who helmed Underworld and worked on shows like Sleepy Hollow and Lucifer, will direct Sin City.

The other producers will include Stephen L'Heureux, Frank Miller, and Bob & Harvey Weinstein.

The report states that no network has jumped on the project yet. However, there are quite a few that are beginning to circle Sin City. When you think about the subject matter, it would seem likely that a premium channel or subscription service would be the best fit.


The new series is said to be a big departure from the movies. The idea is that the show will take the Sin City universe that the comics built, and continue to add in original characters that haven't been seen before.

No timeline has been given for the series at this point.