Solar Opposites Gets a Little Darker in Season 2

The second season of Hulu's acclaimed animated comedy Solar Opposites arrives on Friday, and fans [...]

The second season of Hulu's acclaimed animated comedy Solar Opposites arrives on Friday, and fans of the series are looking forward to reuniting with Terry, Korvo, and the rest of the family. Those who love Solar Opposites can expect the same brand of comedy in the new season, but the overall tone is a little bit darker than the first installment.

While some may assume that it was the intention of the creative team to take things in a darker direction in Season 2, that actually isn't the case, it's just naturally how the story progressed in the second installment. Creators Mike McMahan and Justin Roiland recently spoke with A.V. Club about the slight tonal shift in Season 2.

"I think mostly we just don't want to cover ground we've already covered," said McMahan. "The first season was this chaotic, fun, silly thing. And then second season, we're like, okay, what else can we do with these characters and what other kind of marital family regular plots can get turned into weird alien plots? And I think it maybe came out dark; I mean, the Wall specifically, we knew we wanted to do a murder detective story instead of a rising of a rebellion. So that was always going to be a little bit darker. But there was no going into the season being like, 'let's make it darker,' at least not from my side."

The Solar Opposites creators went on to say that the main characters of the series had to face some consequences for their actions in Season 2, in order to keep the audience on their side.

"Justin, you and I have talked about this, where it's like the reason that stuff is happening is, the violence and the the bad things happening to our alien characters are part of a response to Hulu's questions all the time of, 'Will the audience still be on their side if they're not punished?' Like, they're pretty violent guys," McMahan said.

"Yeah, they do such awful shit all the time," Roiland added. "And there's always this sort of balance of, are we going to lose the audience? We know with human characters you run the risk of the audience starting to feel like, 'Oh, I don't know if I like these guys because, you know, all the murder that they're doing…' I don't know. It's all in how you handle it in the details."

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