Squid Game Baby Costumes Top Halloween Search Trends

Squid Game baby costumes are number one when it comes to Halloween searches. This comes straight from Google Trends who track all this data. Netflix was not underselling the potential for this series when they unveiled it recently. CEO Ted Sarandos said that Squid Game could end up being the biggest original series in the history of the company. A number of staggering viewer numbers later, that's very well on the board. Older viewers love the show and younger ones keep wondering what all the fuss is about. However, there is something kind of strange about the fans buying merch with these characters and concepts for their young ones. (Some interesting conversations to be had when they see this stuff in their baby pictures to be sure.) 

Another strange piece of data to contend with is how the searches for "Squid Game Halloween Costume" spiked 450% in the last week. That means the Netflix fans were waiting until the last minute to get their costumes in order. Indecision surrounding the holiday is to be expected with all the fervor surrounding Halloween last year. Things have changed a bit and now there are parties and other get-togethers to attend.

 More normal baby fare rounds out the top five with things like spiders, Peter Pan, The Addams Family, and Red Riding Hood sharing space. (A definite case of "Which one of these things is not like the other.)

In a couple of school districts here in the United States, Squid Game costumes have been banned as administrators try to limit some students emulating the show. But, not everyone agrees with that notion.

"We understand that different types of costumes have different types of experience and historical connections, and it's hard to single out one particular type of costume and say that's not allowed," White Plains superintendent Joseph Ricca said in a statement against the idea of banning the costumes. "One of the things we've been hearing about in school districts all across the country, is children coming to school and playing squid games on the playground. It's never appropriate to play at harming one another and that really is the guiding principle here."

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