Star Wars: Katee Sackhoff Wants Ahsoka and Bo-Katan to Interact on The Mandalorian

This past week saw Bo-Katan Kryze make her live-action debut, with actress Katee Sackhoff also [...]

This past week saw Bo-Katan Kryze make her live-action debut, with actress Katee Sackhoff also getting to tease that Ahsoka Tano would be making a live-action debut further down the line, a character the actress would like to spend time with in the series. What's unclear, however, is if the actress was merely playing coy about the two characters meeting and that she was hinting at the possible meetup later this season, or if we shouldn't expect to see Bo-Katan return to the series anytime soon, given how long fans have been waiting to see these characters join the live-action universe.

"I love the character from [Star Wars: The] Clone Wars and [Star Wars] Rebels so I would love to see her," Sackhoff shared with Entertainment Tonight. "There's a lot of history with those two. There's a lot of story there. There's a lot of comradery and respect, but there's also a lot of pain and distrust. So we'll see what happens."

Both Bo-Katan and Ahsoka made their debuts in Clone Wars, quickly becoming fan-favorite characters. When Clone Wars producer Dave Filoni went on to create Rebels, he found the opportunities not only to invest in all-new characters, but bring creations from Clone Wars into the mix. Since Clone Wars was cancelled before characters could be given organic endings, longtime fans were thrilled to see characters they thought they'd never see again be embraced in the adventure set years after its predecessor.

Before the current season of The Mandalorian debuted, a number of beloved characters were rumored to be appearing, though Disney refused to confirm such reports. One of these rumors was regarding Sackhoff playing Bo-Katan, as well as Rosario Dawson playing Ahsoka Tano. Additionally, Boba Fett was rumored to return, as played by Jango Fett actor Temuera Morrison, with the season premiere giving us our first look at the actor. It's unconfirmed, however, whether Morrison is playing Fett in the series or if he's potentially playing a remnant of the Clone Army from the prequel films.

Much like rumors and reports of beloved characters appearing in Season Two of the series, other reports claim that some of these characters could even be getting their own spinoff series. Whatever rumors and reports might be floating around, it's clear that Star Wars fans merely need to be patient for all pertinent questions to be answered.

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