Star Wars: The Mandalorian Season 2 Release Date Confirmed by Jon Favreau

Many films and TV shows have suffered major delays because of the coronavirus pandemic, with [...]

Many films and TV shows have suffered major delays because of the coronavirus pandemic, with filming shutting down and post-production work experiencing major complications, but Star Wars: The Mandalorian seems to be right on time for Season 2 on Disney+ according to showrunner Jon Favreau. The brain behind the Star Wars series confirmed during the ATX TV festival that filming has already wrapped on Season 2, before COVIC-19 shutdown sets across the globe, and that the series will premiere in October on the streaming service as originally planned. Numerous sources have already hinted that this would be the case, but this is the first time that Favreau himself has confirmed Star Wars: The Mandalorian would meet its original release date.

"We were lucky enough to have finished photography before the lockdown, so thanks to how technology-forward Lucasfilm and ILM are, we've been able to do all the editing visual effects remotely... It will be available as planned on Disney+ in October," Favreau shared during a roundtable at the event featuring fellow directors Dave Filoni, Deborah Chow, Taika Waititi, Bryce Dallas Howard, and Rick Famuyiwa, which was conducted by Anthony Breznican. "It will be building on hopefully what people loved from the first season. It doesn't feel like the next season, it feels like work continuing."

He added, "I hope people are having as much seeing it as we are having making it."

The series premiered last November and took the world by storm, making it a hit with both fans and critics. With this being the first live-action TV series in the franchise, there was a lot riding on its success and what that would mean for the future of the galaxy far, far away on Disney+, with the narrative confirming just how much potential such a series has.

As fans have been waiting for new episodes of the series, Disney Gallery: The Mandalorian has been giving fans an inside look at bringing the ambitious project to life, regularly wowing audiences with its technological innovations. It was that ambition that has seemingly allowed the filmmakers to complete work on the new episodes.

"A big tentpole summer film, like say Avengers, might be around 2,000 visual effects shots, and these series are a little shy of 4,000 visual effects shots for Season One, and Season Two is no different," Animation supervisor Hal Hickel shared with Variety earlier this year. "We're doing them in around the same amount of time, maybe even less time, than a big summer film, plus we all have to work remotely. We're in the middle of that tsunami now, but we're going to get it all done, people are going to get their Baby Yoda, I promise."

Stay tuned for details on Season Two of The Mandalorian.

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