DC's Stargirl: Jake Austin Walker Says Henry Comes "Full Circle" in "Brainwave, Jr."

On DC's Stargirl, the story thus far has been as much about the evolution of its young characters as it has been about the classic superhero story of "good" versus "evil". Even though the new Justice Society of America has placed its focus on taking down the Injustice Society in an attempt to right the wrongs done to the previous generation of heroes as well as save Blue Valley in the process, each of the characters are on their own personal journeys as well. While the most visible journey has been that of Stargirl herself, Courtney Whitmore (Brec Bassinger), and the rest of the JSA, others around them have also been on their own path -- and that includes Henry King Jr.

Played by Jake Austin Walker, the character has had his own complicated, introduced first as a bully and then shown to be developing his own super powers without any help or guidance. He's not exactly a likeable character, but some of his experiences humanize in a lot of ways as well, and according to Walker, tonight's "Brainwave, Jr." will give Henry's story a "full circle" in who he is as a person.

"I remember talking to Geoff [Johns, series showrunner] when we were first talking about this arc, and I was like, 'Do you think we're going to be able to get the guy that was kind of slut-shaming in the beginning, for people to actually care about him?'" Walker told ComicBook.com. "And they did it. They did it. Let me tell you what, they really gave him an amazing full circle, growing as a human being."

And that development for Henry is one that started pretty early on. While viewers first experiences with the character are negative -- him bullying others at the drive-in theater and then with the circulation of Yolanda's (Yvette Monreal) private photo to the whole school -- they also get to see him as a scared son as well when his father Henry Sr./Brainwave (Christopher James Baker) ends up in a coma. Still, for Walker, he was curious as to how the series would pull off Henry's growth.

"I think that just kind of falls to the power of the writing and just the team really cared so much about it," Walker said. "I remember before we even started, I knew a roundabout way of what was goign to happen to my character, but I never knew how we get there. And the one thing I wasn't even, I don't even go as far as to say skeptical about, but the one thing I was just a little interested in was how the art was going to pay off. You know what I mean? Because he is just such a little punk in the first episode. He definitely makes himself known. That was my biggest joke, it's like the reveal in the first episode."

But as for where Henry's full circle growth in "Brainwave, Jr." takes the character, it will be interesting to see. Last week's "Brainwave" saw Henry torn between is father's ideology that people are all monsters and Courtney's optimism -- with the more negative view appearing to come out on top.

Are you excited to see what Henry's full circle moment leads to? Do you think he will become a hero or a villain? Let us know in the comments below.


DC's Stargirl airs Tuesdays at 8/7c on The CW. New episodes of the series debut Mondays on DC Universe. "Brainwave Jr." debuted Monday, July 20 on DC Universe and debuts Tuesday, July 21 on The CW.